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Marvel Studios has officially announced Wanda Vision a spin-off about Agatha Harkness during the Disney + Day presentation in November, but there have been few updates about the project since. With such series Hawk’s eye and lunar knight has debuted since and projects like Mrs. Marvel and She-Hulk: A lawyer on the way there was not much time for communication Agatha: House Harkness. Not to mention other Disney + shows in development, including Echo, Stone heart, Armored warsand the second season of both What when…? and Loki. After a few quiet months on Agatha some members of the show’s creative team have previously been revealed.

According to the new lists of the Western American Writers Guild (WGAW), Laura Donnie, Cameron Squires and Peter Cameron will join Harkness House. The captions also state that the series will be part of the TV season 2023-2024 and will be a comedy. Although WGAW does not specify which roles the three will play Harkness Houseeach of them wrote episodes Wanda Visionand Cameron contributed to several episodes lunar knight also. Donny wrote the penultimate one Wanda Vision episode “Before”, Squires wrote the seventh episode of “Breaking the Fourth Wall”, and Cameron co-authored four (“For a very special episode…”) and the fifth (“Brand New Halloween Miracle!”). . Cameron’s work lunar knight included the third and fourth episodes of the season called “Friendly Type” and “Grave”.

Harkness House get Wanda Vision Undress together

Not surprisingly, Marvel attracts members Wanda Vision editorial team to help develop Harkness House. Agatha debuted in the first ever Disney + MCU series, and the character instantly became a hit with fans. Meanwhile, playing the inquisitive neighbor Agnes or the witch who owns Darkhold, Agatha Harkness, Emmy-nominated Catherine Hahn’s performance is one of the reasons Wanda Vision is considered one of the best Marvel shows to date. Preservation of the same creators who helped shape Agatha’s character Wanda Vision should indicate quality Harkness House.

There are still many questions about what exactly Harkness House focus on. Wanda captured Agatha in Westview after the events Wanda Visionso the most likely scenario is this Harkness House will tell the background of Agatha. Wanda VisionThe eighth episode of the series “Before” begins with memories of Agatha, who in the 1600s a witch clan was going to burn at the stake. Wanda Vision which are happening today, we can tell literally hundreds of years of Agatha’s history. Exact details Harkness House the story remains a secret, but the possibilities of the series seem to be endless.

Wanda Vision Creator Jack Schaeffer will be the lead screenwriter and executive producer Harkness Houseand Khan will repeat the role of Agatha. No other casting information or exact release date is known at this time, but according to the WGAW, the earliest Harkness House may be released at Disney + in the fall of 2023.

Vision and Wanda Maximoff are smiling among the static television in WandaVision

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