Here are 10 social media accounts you need to subscribe to to become the best fan in the galaxy

Every year on May 4 for many lovers of lightsabers and spaceships a special color. Humorous reminder of the famous formula of Master Yoda “Let the power be with you”, in English, May 4 (and therefore May 4 at VF) over the years has become for her fans a day dedicated to “Star Wars”.

If the saga is one of the giants of pop culture, with new movies and series almost every year since the takeover of the Walt Disney Pictures franchise in 2013, the Internet is a breeding ground for creativity for fans who do not hesitate to share on social media many jokes and creations of all kinds .

To learn more about the saga universe

If you want to learn more about the Jedi and other stormtroopers, the official Instagram account @starwars will delight fans by revealing exclusive information about upcoming movies, as well as share photos and anecdotes from the shooting.

As for the French-speaking side, the @planetestarwars account provides fans with images from movies, as well as recommendations for books or objects derived from the saga, including the famous Millennial falcon in Lego.

To get into the character

If you’re a fan, it’s especially for characters you love to hate or follow, sometimes even wanting to look like them … For those who don’t want to wait for Halloween to take the place of Leah or Anakin, cosplay exists! The @ star.wars.cosplay account has the most beautiful costume photos.

Among the fans who are most involved in their Star Wars costumes, we find Bella from the @itsbellaxrose account, who shares on Instagram her best costumes from Star Wars or Marvel movies.

Laugh like R2-D2

Who doesn’t love a good joke among connoisseurs? Memes, a pure product of the Internet, do not exclude the fan community: the @star ._. Wars ._. Memes account in the original version shares the best memes related to the saga.

And to learn while having fun, the @instantscult account deciphers pop culture with a scientific approach: enough to learn to approach wuki or understand physics thanks to Alderaan’s explosion.

Be a fan every day

Books in ruins, figurines, even mugs with the image of Baby Yoda: for someone to love star Wars means thinking about it all day and using your passion in everyday life. This is the case of Amy Ratcliffe, author of numerous books on the saga, including Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy. In her Instagram, she shares her daily life, between themed restaurants and visits to filming locations.

And to realize his passion for the plate itself, Thibaut Villanova, aka Gastronogeek, offers on his YouTube channel and in his book Star Wars Canteen. many recipes like this blue milkshake.

To study your work

Whether you love to draw, knit, create, the Star Wars franchise (and its community of fans) offers many accounts dedicated to the world of film. In the @ account you can find many exciting creations from the good side of the Force.

Finally, if you prefer independent movies, MegaSpaceFighter on YouTube offers a short stop and short Lego movies to continue the story in anticipation of the next part of the saga.

In the meantime, happy Star Wars Day… And may the Power be with you.

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