his scathing statement to Alain Delon, which intrigues Internet users

Mysterious, Alain Delon does not talk about what is happening in his personal life. In fact, how do you translate this recent “tribute” to Richard Berry?

What is the connection between Alain Delon and Richard Berry?

What fly stung Richard Berry? In the midst of legal turmoil, he discusses his fondest memories with his daughter Colin. Would he feel nostalgic for a certain era? However, this does not apply to his family, much less to whom he recently responded. And yes, dear reader of Objeko, now he dedicates himself more to his play than to the set. Moreover, since the scandal broke out, few people have approached him with a request for a project. Let’s go back to this post for a moment. We see Alain Delon smiling and young. Moreover, legend can lead to confusion. Someone cut off from the news may believe in a posthumous tribute. Dad Anthony’s health is known to be so fragile that rumors are circulating. No wonder the youngest of the Cheetahs had to excel. Our team is trying to see more clearly!

A video that sows chaos

A few weeks ago, the eldest of Alain Delon appeared in the headlines. No one expected this book, including the sacred monster of cinema. Inside the latter, we discover the essence of the conflict between father and son. It’s simple, until he turned 17, Anthony could not face him because he scared him. If you search in the archives ofObjeko, you will probably find articles that tell about the best excerpts from this book. Know in advance that it was not easy for journalists to sort. There would be something to say about this duo.

On the side of Alain Delon’s fans, we don’t know what to think. Why did Anthony put everything on paper? Is his goal revenge or resilience? A year and a half after his parents died, he did not seem to recover. Even if his father had other women in his life, including the famous Mireille (Mimi) Dark, whom he adores, the fact that she suffers deeply hurt him. In addition, as if to calm the spirits and deter haters, he decided to answer this video. The resemblance is so striking that it barely heals the audience. However, the sound of birds, their smiles – all indicate that Zen has finally returned to the Soul. for how much longer?

Alain Delon’s health debate returns to the center stage

Three years ago, Alain Delon’s fans feared for their lives. When they learn that their favorite actor has suffered a combination of stroke and cerebral hemorrhage, they fear the consequences. The earlier the problem is identified, the less physical or mental the consequences. After the operation, he distances himself from the press. The clinic where he is undergoing convalescence is located in Switzerland. Surrounded by the best doctors, he clings to daily life. Quite a feat for someone who lost many loved ones in record time.

Our colleagues from TV5 World to be happy. They will give the first official interview with Alain Delon. Ironically, he clarifies to those who have already buried him that ” at the moment, other than walking with a cane [il va] very well“! Since then, except for a long report on Paris match where he announced that he had found colors, as well as love, his sadness at the funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo left no one indifferent. In any case, whatever happens, we agree with Richard Berry. He is one of those stars who celebrated the century. I take off my hat in front of the artist!

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