Hope for a lasting truce after the bloody weekend in Gaza

After weekend strikes on Gaza, Israel would agree to a truce on Sunday night, a deal brokered by Egypt. Operation Dawn, launched by the Jewish State, was directed against Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization created in 1981 in Gaza and financed by the Iranian regime. According to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, it would have been triggered in a preemptive manner to prevent an imminent attack. According to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip (under the leadership of Hamas), the number of people is 31 dead and 265 wounded.

According to estimates released by Jerusalem authorities by late morning, 590 rockets had been fired from the Palestinian enclave, and 97 percent of them had been intercepted by the IDF’s Iron Dome air defense system. 120 fell on the territory of Palestine. Like the failed rocket attack on Saturday night that killed 9 people in the Jabalia refugee camp, most of them children.

propaganda war

“This drama shows how the people of Gaza, who are not our enemies, become hostages of an extremely violent and fanatical faction equivalent to Daesh,” explains Simon Seroussy, a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in France. While images of little boys in shrouds feed social media to condemn the “Zionist crime”. The propaganda war continues.

“In the last few days, we relived the nightmare of not knowing if the next strike might hit our house,” said Sana, who was trapped in her home near Al-Rimal, a neighborhood almost completely destroyed by IDF shelling during the war. May 2021. . As for the residents of southern Israel, after two nights spent listening to evacuation sirens, they were still under heavy Palestinian rocket fire on Sunday afternoon as rumors spread of a cease-fire set to begin at 8 p.m. None of the parties confirmed this information in the middle of the day, which indicates the complexity of the negotiations.

Israel has achieved its goals

Several reasons indicate that the end of the operation is near. First, Israel largely achieved its military objective: Tzahal quickly announced that it had eliminated almost all of Islamic Jihad’s operational leaders in Gaza. Including Khaled Mansour, a senior commander involved in recent attacks on Israeli civilians and military personnel. This does not prevent the Israeli army from calling on the camp opposite to lay down its arms first. “We are protecting our population, as long as there is shooting in the territory, we will intervene in Gaza,” the Israeli embassy in Paris said.

But it is also the regional architecture designed by the Abrahamic accords that is being tested by reality for the second time since last year’s outbreak of violence. Signed in August 2020 by Israel and the Sunni Arab axis led by the United Arab Emirates, the real legacy of Trump’s Middle East geopolitics mandate marks a return to pragmatism in the region. With the voice of Cairo, Jerusalem’s new partners call to avoid escalation.

Shadow of Tehran

This scenario is even more realistic because Hamas, the political and military organization that usually initiates clashes with Israel, has refused to intervene. The arch-enemy appears uninterested in this sequence, likely orchestrated by Tehran, which is participating in nuclear energy talks in Vienna.

Yair Lapid, Prime Minister of Israel since 1Er From this, Lipen, who came from the center, who is considered a dove in matters of security, could win. In a domestic context paralyzed by divisions in parliament and ahead of November elections, he has just won points against Benjamin Netanyahu, the perennial comeback hawk.

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