How are 300-year-old plane trees preserved in the city of L’Aigle?

The city of L’Aigle does not indulge in the protection of three-hundred-year-old plane trees (©Le Réveil Normand)

Fortunately, sycamore is a tree that does not require not much maintenance and Didier Cousinsdeputy mayor and head of the technical service of L’Aigle (Orne), confirms this.

We carry out 3-4 operations a year to collect dead leaves or perform light pruning to remove dead wood.

Didier Cousins, Deputy Mayor and Head of Technical Services at L’Aigle

“Let nature do its thing”

Caring for sycamores is carried out by city ​​technical services with few interventions.

“It’s a tree that needs to be touched as little as possible,” he says Didier Cousins.

The less we interfere, the better. We let nature do things, we let the trees express themselves and grow.

Didier Cousins

To protect the tree, the city’s technical services go further predict“we do more prevention than cure.”

Health status everyone is checked 2-3 years specialized companies that practice deep seal.

Agents of green spaces, Fabrice Konko, responsible for green spaces at the level of technical services, city hall deputies, passers-by, observation assured! Another point that can affect the growth of trees is drought, plane trees are afraid of dry soil.

However, given the living conditions of the two trees, we are fine away from dry land.

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Two sycamore trees in the city have exceptional living conditions, that is, their heads are in the sun and their feet are in the water.

Didier Cousins

Feet in the water?

Explanation. “The ground water of the river is at the same level as the roots of the trees,” the head of the technical service clarifies.

They therefore do not suffer droughts and if heat wave episodes were repeated every summer, then plane trees are safe, – assures Didier Cousin. “The river should really be dry, but we’re going to have an even bigger problem there than the sycamores.”

Measures taken

Many tips must have been put in your ear. If you have walked in this place, then you have already seen the little ones barriers put in place around the trunk of two trees.

There are fences around the two trees
There are fences around the two trees (©Le Réveil Normand)

And you definitely did not miss the green signprotection of plane trees. very attached to preservation from these wonderful trees (marked in 2016), the city hall installed barriers, two years ago. They are intended for prevent any intrusion closest to the sycamore or even restrain trample people

It is a protective zone where soil organisms can work, help the tree to feed and regenerate.

Didier Cousins, Deputy Mayor and Head of Technical Services at L’Aigle

This shows. “Earlier there were knife blows on the trunk, some painted their initials on the bark and this caused damage to the tree.” Injuries that can lead to the death of a plane tree. Indeed, wounding a sycamore tree with a non-disinfected tool can transmit it color cancer

There is no danger to the message

Color cancer is a incurable vascular disease which attacks only sycamores, is a mushroom which causes dying trees.

This disease is the subject of a national struggle, By resolution dated 22.12.2015 ordered eradication contaminated sycamore and those who are within a radius of at least 35 meters, if necessary – up to 50 meters.

Didier Cousins ​​wants to reassure.

At the moment, the trees are in good condition, nothing to report.

Didier Cousins

In addition to the sanitary facility, what finally convinced the elected officials to install these barriers was the now-famous “Sunday under the plane trees.”

Didier Cousins understood near the stage and plane trees. “The stage was located directly under the plane trees, which makes it necessary to put the stage at a distance. These are still rare trees.”

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