how healthy is Vladimir Putin?

For several weeks, Vladimir Putin’s health was at the center of all issues. And there are rumors between Parkinson’s disease, twins and cancer.

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin sick? Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, rumors have spread. A report from US intelligence last week said the Russian president had cancer. Other sources make it clear that Parkinson’s disease is involved.

It was a Dutch newspaper that first fueled rumors by showing Vladimir Putin’s portrayal of neurologists at a Dutch university. And the latter returned the following verdict: the Russian president walks with a stiffness in his right hand, which remains glued to the body. A symptom of a possible Parkinson’s disease. The publication adds that Vladimir Putin could also have cancer.

But this article is from 2015, that is, seven years ago. All this suggests that speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health is not new. For years, the media around the world has questioned his physical and mental health.

New images to revive rumors

But new rumors have recently revived rumors. Russian television broadcast a long series where we see the president receiving his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu. For 12 minutes, Vladimir Putin appears in another place, unable to concentrate. He even sometimes gives the impression of suffering, he holds his desk firmly with his right hand, as if he wants someone not to see his hand tremble. Finally, in these images, he had a swollen face.

The British press also broadcast another video, a little older, where we see Putin’s meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, and again Vladimir Putin does not seem to be in good shape. The right hand trembles a little, the legs move strangely under the table. It was these two sequences that revived speculation.

What are the assumptions?

In two or three months we heard almost everything. We talked about prostate cancer or blood cancer. We talked about a recent operation or an operation that is ahead.

But this is an American newspaper Newsweek which was the most accurate last week. The weekly quoted three US intelligence officials as saying that Vladimir Putin had undergone cancer treatment in April. And these high-ranking intelligence officials say they fear the Russian president is becoming increasingly paranoid. But later the White House denied the information.

What about the Russian president’s mental health?

Hypotheses about his mental health are also high. Pride syndrome is mentioned, a disease that causes narcissistic disorders and makes you lose your sense of reality.

Opposition to the Kremlin’s Russian media, the SVR’s telegram channel, even claims that Putin postponed the operation on May 12.

A former member of the British MI6 intelligence service understands that Putin will be expelled and hospitalized by the end of the year. The former KGB claims that Putin has doubles, and that when we see him on television, it’s not necessarily him.

In short, the topic captures the whole world. It is as if the invasion of Ukraine was such a crazy act that one would have to turn to medicine to understand it …

What is the successor in case of departure?

Inevitably, if we think that Vladimir Putin is ill, we wonder who could replace him. And the name appears most often. Mykola Patrushev, now Secretary of the Security Council, ie Chief Military Adviser.

He is 70 years old, as is Putin. He is a former KGB agent, like Putin. Former intelligence chief like Putin. This is a hawk, that is, “go to war.” In an interview, he accused the United States and Europe of supporting the neo-Nazi Ukrainian regime. Like Putin.

He believes that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. Like Putin. In short, if Putin had been unable to rule and Patrushev had changed him, we would not have benefited from change.

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