how to watch fireworks for free in Annecy?

On Saturday, the holiday of the lake. The city of Annecy will be taken by storm, and the crowd will press the shores of the lake. However, some will prefer to admire the fireworks from afar, calmly. That’s why we suggest you read our tips to see it for free!

The history of waters, the theme of the lake holiday

This year, the art project of the Franco-Italian companies Art & Feux and Pyromotions will delight young and old alike. Histoire d’Eaux will talk for 70 minutes about the noise of streams, streams and water in general. For the first time, the preamble will be carried out with the help of 300 drones. They will precede the 21 sequences that will conclude the evening.

Enjoy the Lake Festival from the top

The first place we recommend to enjoy the Fête du Lac is Semnoz. This is the safest vantage point of Lake Annecy, a road leads to it. If the Crêt de Châtillon is already full when you arrive, we suggest you try the Crêt de l’Aigle. Another option, perhaps less well known, is to stop in the last turns before the top. You will definitely find a place to spend the evening tasting local products.

​Parmelan for the most athletic

The more athletic can go to the top of Parmelan. From there you will have a great view of the lake and you can watch the fireworks without noticing that the sound is too loud. Leave at the end of the day to avoid the heat and don’t forget to book a night at the Parmelan Refuge.

Col de la Forclaz to enjoy the sunset

For those who live by the lake and don’t want to take a car for fear of traffic, we recommend the Col de la Forclaz. Even if the paraglider launch is likely to be stormed, you’ll definitely be able to find a corner of grass to admire the Fête du Lac. We recommend coming at the end of the day. After that you can enjoy the sunset.

​Le Veyrier, a classic view of the lake

If the Veyrier is a great classic for runners, it also offers a unique view of the lake. So why not combine sports and recreation? You can access it from Annecy-les-Vieux and also from the Col des Contrebandiers. If you are not used to walking too much, prefer the second option, with a height gain of only 200 meters. And don’t forget to bring your headlamp.

​Watch the Fête du Lac for free and with your family

If you want to enjoy the Fête du Lac for free and with the family, we recommend a visit. You can get there by car, but be careful not to be late. This place is especially popular during the Lake Festival. It can also be reached on foot, especially from the Marquisats bus stop. If you live on the west coast, you’ll avoid traffic this way. After the fireworks, around 11:00 p.m., buses will depart from the same point.

The height of Spain Metz-Tessi

If a trip to Annecy doesn’t mean anything to you, why not head to the peaks of Epagne Metz-Tessi? You will have the opportunity to see the lake, especially from the mountain road. Bring a blanket, your picnic and spend a country evening with the kids in the fields. Just remember not to leave anything behind when you return.

​Ferrières, a gap on the lake

From Ferrières you will also find several openings on the lake if the sky is clear. Looking at the weather forecast, there shouldn’t be any problems. Take the opportunity to start the evening at the Ferme de Ferrières and enjoy a typical Savoy dish. Then you just have to join the route des Burnets to admire the show.

Rent a boat and enjoy an evening on the lake

And if you want to get closer to the action and watch it from the lake, there is nothing to stop you from taking a boat or renting one. Everything will remain in order to keep a certain distance and not penetrate the security perimeter.

Lake Festival in 2022

To learn more about Fête du Lac 2022, check out our dedicated article. There you will find all practical information.

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