“Hussar on the Roof”, “Patch of Fear”, “Black Eagle” … Cultural Choice of Jean-Christophe Ruffen

At least twenty-two novels for Jean-Christophe Ruffen, not including essays. I Gonkur Prize 2001 p Brazilian red.

Book“I am not going to quote Grand Moln because it’s too easy. This is a family book, my mother reconstructed the course. For a long time I had a house near Epiney-le-Fleriel. I read this very early and continue to identify with Augustin Molny. I am also inspired by the structure of the book. I quote Hussar on the roof which changed me a lot in the way I wrote and interpreted history. My first wife made me read it when I was 22. My mother was fascinated by Provence.

I tend to read like a technician. I’m looking at construction or obvious unfinished. I get a lot of books because I’m a member of several juries. My honesty asks me to read at least ten selected books. There are good surprises, but also troubles. I don’t really like autofiction, I like breathing more. Before the long red flame, author Guillaume Sir received the Orange Award. Very good discovery. As a teenager, I read Alexandre Dumas, Pardaylyan, Hunchback. Then I immersed myself in John Le Carre, who was in his thirties. A real passion. A spy who came out of the cold but not only. Pure spy, about his father. I dreamed of shaking his hand, but I couldn’t when it rose. My arm was broken… Well, I’m very shy. He is very warm. I have another passion for Georges Simenon, Widow Kuderk, strangers in the house… »

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Melville’s Red Circle

Movie“I went to the movies very late, my grandparents did not go. For about 12 years, with my friends, I loved Jerry Lewis or the great Basques as Ben Gur, Lawrence of Arabialike westerns Rio Grande. Of course, Bourville, Belmondo or de Funes. But the imagination was saved to books. The movie was more alien to me. The desire to write has always been stronger than the desire to make films. I had a great Melville period. Red circle I was very impressed, but also wages of fear. I wrote Checkpoint picking up the idea of ​​a convoy.

I don’t go to the movies very often now. I saw Cunning, very badly done with a love story. »

disc“I really like music when I meet it in the city. When I lived in Brazil as a cultural attaché in Recife, it was great. Watch music created on the street. They don’t listen to music, they do it. My mother was fascinated by Brassens. I knew the lyrics, but I sang out of tune. Black eagle Barbara, this was the embodiment of my mother, who paved her way without going to school in Paris and succeeded.

To return to Brazil, Caetano Veloso, Gilbert Gil, Chico Buarque. I also like Verdi’s opera, great arias Rigoletto, Truver. In my last book, I quote Sati. »

Work “Caravaggio Valentina de Boulogne, who are in the Louvre, show quite narrative paintings. It was against the life of the court and it affected me a lot. »

The object of the fetish “This is a 16th or 17th century blush brush with the initials IB that we have had in our family for a long time. There are two small powder compartments and a small mirror. I thought it might belong to Agnes Sorel. »

Francois Lesbr


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