In L’Aigle, solidarity shops see a new audience due to inflation

Secours Catholique volunteers come to their premises every Thursday afternoon ©Le Réveil Normand

Shop Sun Solidarityrue Thiers in L’Aigle (Orne), has been around for seventeen years and over the years has been able to help many Aiglons dress at a more than reasonable price, but today there are many more requests.

“More social diversity”

Unlike other organisations, there is no need to apply to use the clothes offered in the shop, “it’s open to everyone and people are starting to realize that because there are all kinds of customers”, teaches us Jacqueline Fournier.

There used to be people who did not dare to go to a thrift store.

Jacqueline Fournier

Today, fashion, as well as the cost of living, means that thrift stores are gaining popularity client base. With the help of its association, the Solidarité Soleil team is able to finance activities, “our aim is to help children”. Touch these AIDS files must be submitted to social workers.

You can participate in school trips, sports licenses or language exchanges.

Jacqueline Fournier

Association doesn’t fund the files in full, “the family has to pitch in a bit.”

Unexpected household linen – a victim of one’s own success, blankets “We released them last week and they’ve been selling really well ever since.” It winter season therefore, the store will feature a “more diversified clientele.” This may be due to the fact that the Red Cross no longer has anything in L’Aigle,” explains Jacqueline Fournier.

But, contrary to what one might think, “we don’t have a bigger crowd in the winter”, regardless of the season, the store is full.

We are open three times a week and have an average of 200 customers a week.

Jacqueline Fournier

on Catholic aidthe result is the same.

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We have more people in the store and lots of new faces, people of all ages and lots of families.

Marie-Thérèse Porte

The store stores the same loyal customersbut audience expands and “more social diversity appears.”

This solidarity shop has it too second hand which has priority and what, “it’s thanks to donors”. Of course, the team 15 volunteers Secours Catholique chooses to put up for sale “quality and clean things”.

Clothes, shoes, small appliances, bed linen, you can make a donation by visiting the store on the street. On Thursday afternoons from 14:00 to 18:00..

The Solidarité Soleil team is present in the store three times a week
The Solidarité Soleil team is present in the store three times a week ©Le Réveil Normand

Coverage, requested product

About requesting emergency assistanceSecours Catholique de L’Aigle is not facing an increase in requests.

We have more requests for help, especially with paying electricity bills.

Marie-Thérèse Porte

Every year the organization spends approx EUR 4,000 in aid, “this money is for help with everything related to energy, mobility, water, electricity, ID requests or sports licenses.” Appendices must be filled out social assistance.

As with Solidarité Soleil, there are many requests blankets, “People ask for a lot of blankets or warm things. We clearly see that the forecasts are there.”

We are asking for donations of blankets in good condition, as well as warm items such as blankets or sweaters.

Marie-Thérèse Porte

in September, the store was reorganized, but nothing has changed in the work, “we introduce ourselves, we are always well received, the doors are open,” he explains Nadine Pichonpresent during the interview.

Secours Populaire volunteers are busy in the shop
Secours Populaire volunteers are busy in the shop ©Le Réveil Normand

Antenna sprouts from Helping people also sees a new flow of people. “Many more people come to us,” the volunteers explain. Among the new faces are “asylum seekers, youth, families”. Unlike our two interlocutors, Secours Populaire sees more people come in winterbut attendance depends on the day.

There are many people who come specifically for parcels and products.

Secours Populaire volunteers

An association consisting of a team eight volunteersaccepts donations of clothing and food, “we take everything”.

There is more to these organizations than words solidarity it is a way of life that is important to preserve for the future.

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