In L’Aigle, the new year will unfold to the rhythm of the great works of the Friends of the Church of Saint-Martin

Work in progress ©© Stéphanie Ballay

In L’Aigle (Orne) the general meeting in Friends of St. Martin’s Church began with some important dates that mark the history of this church. in 1939, work is done to order in Father Paul Girard.

Among these works, the interior paintings of the church were redone. in 1947 year it was time for repairs after the bombings that hit L’Aigle, the June 7, 1944, which destroyed the windows of the southern facade, as well as the windows. Then Father Paul Girard restored all the windows and installed statues in the niches.

Work progress

in 1983 yearthe last major works on the organ are underway Mouten Cavalier-Coll. 2022 is an extremely important date for the work to begin, with “the entire left side of the church already completed and cleaned” and “the glass roof of the Sermon on the Mount is back in place,” explains Guy Dallet.

Laurent Portethe president of the Friends of the Church of St. Maarten in his area (ADSM) took the opportunity to “thank the municipality and its representatives”. Philip Van Hornmayor of L’Aigle, i Jean Marie HussenThe meeting was attended by the deputy mayor.

This general meeting was an opportunity to discuss working at the church

The story began with the commitment of the mayor’s office in 2016 with the program on landmines. Work is underway on the south facade and the east facade today, we have a program of just over a million euros under our commitments for 2016.

Jean Marie Hussen

The first solid phase is almost complete.

We are coming to the end of operations

Jean Marie Hussen

Work continues with extra piece which covers the years 2022-2023. “We will have to continue the same logic” with optional tranche 2 which concerns the southern facade and the southern slope of 3 spans. This work should continue during 2023-2024.

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Subsequently, the work will apply an optional part of the east facade, the north return part and the east side of the south aisle.

The City Hall’s commitments have been met and we are continuing to complete the operation, because St. Maarten really needs it.

Jean Marie Hussen
Jean-Marie Hussen presented the progress of the work
Jean-Marie Goossen presented the work progress ©© Stéphanie Ballay

About interior restoration, “nothing is confirmed at the moment because there are several schools and it will be difficult to make a choice”, concludes Jean-Marie Goossen. Philip Van-Horn announces that “in early 2023 we will re-file with DRAC for the other two phases” of the work, hoping to do so in late 2023 or early 2024.

Integrate the church into the circle of the green road?

At the moment, it is difficult to understand the progress of the work, but “when we remove the scaffolding, then we will really understand what has been done.”

At the end of this topic, a question is asked the presence of pigeons which can damage the new roof. “We can’t do anything for the pigeons,” he complains Valery Levitretreasurer of ADSM.

We have asked everywhere but it is a small cost as the pigeons will return.

Philip Van Horn

One thing is already known: “pigeons will not be able to return.”

Another big question of the evening that needs to be worked on organ Muten Cavaillé-Coll. During the discussion about the organ, Philip Van-Horn mentioned the greenway project and the possibility of integrating the Saint-Martin church into the circle, but “we haven’t worked on how to cross the city center yet.”

In terms of accounts, ADSM has a positive balance. Initial cash 1Er January 2021 was €17,350 and at the closing date, December 31, 2021, cash was €17,350. 18,825 euros. Shortly before the general meeting, Laurent Porte received an important phone call: “I found out that the Heritage Foundation has given us 10,000 euros.”

After some discussion about the membership price, it was decided that the price would remain the same at €10. The meeting ended with the re-election of the position for three years.

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