in Lille, go with your own photo of the moon!

AvYou have rendezvous with the moon this weekend. It will be a night of stars on Friday August 5th and Saturday August 6th. Events are organized everywhere in Russia, – breathes Kristof. twenties in Nor-Pas-de-Calais. It will be an opportunity to learn how to recognize constellations thanks to passionate volunteers, as well as observe galaxies, double stars and even planets.

The moon on your smartphone

At the heron farm in Villeneuve-d’Asc, you can also look at the moon through a telescope and even take a close-up photo of it on your phone. The evening will be held by the Astronomical Club of Lille. Christoph, one of the participants, expects it hundreds of shots. The manipulation takes only a few seconds, and the result is stunning.

One of the interesting ones who attend the initiation left speechless : “It’s dreamy. It is magical and fascinating. I remember the first time I saw Saturn’s rings, it was ten years ago, but it seems like yesterday.”

About twenty “nights of the stars” are planned in Nor-Pas-de-Calais.
French Astronomical Association

Saturn’s rings in the viewfinder

On this night of the stars 2022, the Moon will present the first quarter, which will allow observing its craters. Around 23:00 the first planets will appear : Saturn, then Jupiter and Mars in the early morning. You will also be able to learn to recognize the constellations: except for the Big Dipper, which everyone knows, this will be an opportunity see the evening starwhich is also called the North Star or even Cassiopeia, the summer triangle, the eagle, the dolphin or even Hercules. Astronomical evening also turns into evening fairy tale, as each constellation is associated with mythology.

Life is not enough to look at the sky

“We will use constellations to help us find much smaller and less luminous objects.explains Christophe. For example, in Hercules, which is now at its zenith, we will be able to see the globular cluster M13, thousands and thousands of stars grouped together.” He smiles: “There won’t be enough lifetimes to observe all the objects in the sky, so the program is huge!”

The Lille Club has several telescopes, including a motorized one capable of pointing at various objects in the sky on demand and compensating for the Earth’s rotation to avoid having to adjust the device several times in the evening. With these tools you can admire the rings of Saturn or the Andromeda galaxy. “It brings us back to our status as small things in a vast universe, it’s wonderful”– explains Kleman, a member of the club.

A night of stars, despite the light pollution

You may be wondering where the best stargazing spots are in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Answer: According to Christophe, a member of the Lille Astronomical Club, definitely not the metropolitan area of ​​Lille. This indicates light pollution: “It’s extremely bright here, an astronomer’s best tool is not his telescope, but unfortunately his car.”

His advice? Go to Bapoume, Audomarois, Boulonnais or even Flanders: “for example, on the side of Meteren above Beilel, the Milky Way is visible there”, explains Christoph. Despite everything, even in Lille there is something to do: “We can still see constellations and planets. We also have astrophotographers in the club who are able to photograph nebulae and galaxies because we have very good image processing software.’

In addition to light pollution, observation can be hindered many companions : “Mr. Musk’s Starlinks are a scourge”, – exhales Christoph. Along with other members of the Lille club, he expects to meet hundreds of interesting people this weekend. Before Covid-19, up to 1,000 people were accepted for the night of the stars.

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