In Old Lilly Lucky Panda moved to a restaurant

Tree, lanterns, a little green, there is even a maneki-neko (Japanese happy cat), invented as a panda that greets us. We are in the new headquarters of Lucky Panda. The Vietnamese restaurant on Royal Street moved to St. Catherine’s Terrace in April to become a real restaurant.

When we think about moving, we think about boxes and often leaving without returning … But it also happens that moving is done step by step, without much forgiveness. This happened to the Vietnamese company Lucky Panda, which on April 12 moved from 35 rue Royale to 3 terrasse Sainte-Catherine. Or thirty meters further.

This is not the only novelty: the brand, which was only catering, became a restaurant. “We wanted people to be able to eat there, – says co-founder Maihan N’Guyen. Our clients wanted to calm down.

Ho Chi Minh City – Calais – Lille

At the heart of this adventure are two pillars. The first, finally the first, mentioned above, is Maihan N’guen. She grew up in Calais, far from her hometown of Ho Chi Minh City, but Vietnam never left her. Then there was training at EDHEC, an eight-year stay in Shanghai and a return to the North.

John is the chef. Mayhan and Benjamin lead a happy panda.

It was at this point that Maikhan had the idea to do catering far from fishing.bullshit“, As she explains. Especially since the kitchen is a family affair, as his mother owns Au Little Saigon in Calais. Ambitious, she decided to start a Vietnamese company together with her former neighbor. He is Benjamin Robin, he was a web developer for twenty years and already had an appetite for Asian cuisine.

In April 2018, they found their premises on Rue Royale, and then in April 2022 they moved and opened their restaurant in two steps. “We took a chanceBenjamin continues. We signed on December 24, and then started working in January. It was boring, but we came.

Vietnamese formula

Lucky Panda focuses primarily on the quality of its dishes. These are fresh products (except shrimp), which are served according to Asian recipes. In tandem, special attention is paid to the addition of herbs and spices. Soup, traditional and roast dishes are served weekly in the restaurant. For example, Bun Rieu Kua soup (a mixture of crabs, shrimp, tomatoes, noodles, lemon and soy), General Tao chicken and pad-tai.

Not to mention the fixed menu of the restaurant with salads, plates and more. We will send you a web page for more details. The team is also preparing to launch its Vietnamese brunches on Sunday lunches. The highest start is on May 22.

Many projects

When we say “full of projects”, we insist. Benjamin and Maihan’s brain is full of ideas. “We want to colonize the top two floorssays the manager. It will be a completely new experience.The co-founder adds: “Something between an opium hangout and a restaurant.

On the second floor we hear about very large tables designed for business or family dinners. Be sure to find electrified tables that will cook Chinese fondue. And there is no question of doing all this in three years. “Tenants will go higher. We would like to introduce this in January 2023“, – sums up Maikhan

Lucky Panda is now located at 3 Terrasse Sainte-Catherine and is open Tuesday to Saturday, noon and evening. You can follow Lucky Panda’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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