In Orn and Er, how to attract tourists to the territory?

Posters of the route “In the footsteps of Bourville” ©Le Réveil Normand

in L’EureThe Vernay-sur-Havre tourist office says it “promotes and enhances heritage”. Annabelle Levreldirector.

Historical schemes

The goal is to make you want to tourists to come and discover what has long been called ” a small inheritance “. And heritage, our land is full of it, we still need to know it.

That’s why the team from the tourist office created “Historical Itineraries in the Four Main Cities”, Vernay, Ruegl, Breteuil and Damville.

For Breteuil, its track was created in 2017, while for Rugles it took longer, where it was born in 2019, and in 2021 year for Damville.

With these tracks, the idea is to offer a route that goes through the most symbolic streets of the cities, bringing the buildings closer.

Annabelle Levrel

Among these buildings, City Hall Bretaea is included in the list of historical monuments a small castle de Rugles, built at the end of the 16th century or c wheat market Damville, built in 1550 Anne de Montmorency.

To attract tourists, the tourist office also offers excursionsmainly focused on Vernay in summer, as well as every Saturday in Rugle, Brethea and Dumville.

The tourist office is committed to helping people discover European heritage full time year round guide, as well as two more guides during the summer. While it is important to provide offers to keep tourists busy, they still need to be attracted.

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To do this, we run communication campaigns when we create a new visit.

Annabelle Levrel

It should be noted that the promotion takes place mainly on social networks and especially Facebook and Instagram.

In 2019, “9,000 people passed through the doors of the tourist office, 40% of them tourists”, and in particular French tourists.

Although the offer is already diverse, “we continue to work on city tours and the guides continue the heritage inventory.”

In 2022, we plan to work on the municipalities of Armentieres-sur-Havre and Bois-Norman-Pre-Lir.

Annabelle Levrel

In the footsteps of Bourville

Although historical schemes are very important, the south of Er is also known for Burville which, in particular, filmed on the territory of “True Normand”. So, starting in 2019, moviegoers can learn a little more about the actor thanks to the tourist route “In the Footsteps of Burville”.

The famous True Norman of Vieille-Lir
The famous Trou Normand in Vieille-Lyre ©Le Réveil Normand

This scheme is created Jacques Hermier connects eight municipalities, where panels reminiscent of Burville’s film shoots are installed: Old lyre, La Ferriere-sur-Riesle, Saint Martha, Conch-en-Ouch, Sainte-Marguerite-de-l’Altar, Bretay-sur-Eton Lease of Bretay and La Neuve-Lyre.

Make a bet on green tourism?

In Orne, and in particular in the Pays de l’Aigle Community of Communes, we want to show that the country of Uche as attractive as can be Pole. Jean Selye, president of the Cdc, relies on infrastructure to attract tourists, particularly around the Bohinn Manufactory, Greenway and Cultural Complex projects.

not proud cultural offer set in the summer of Sunday under the plane treesthem Summer terraces or Potter’s Day in Moulins-la-Marche, John Cellier states that “when we say that there is nothing in the territory, it is not true. There are many things, but you don’t necessarily see it.

One of the big projects on which he makes a big bet is Greenway. This seven-kilometer track, the work on which will begin “in September”, will connect the economy of the village Countess Segur, pond La Croix Lamirault and Production Bohin.

The advantage of the Greenway is that it will be listed in regional directories.

Jean Selye, president of Cdc country L’Aigle

The president of the Cdc is well aware that “we are not going to put people on the green lane for a week”, but goal it is “that they may stay another day or two.” Jean Selye’s “dream” would be to connect a greenway with “the forest of Saint-Evre or Haras-du-Pins.” According to the president, this is the “greatest ambition” of the Cdc green tourism is the future.

As for the Croix-Lamireau pond, what, given its potential, could become main attraction asset, it’s not about making it a “seaside resort, it’s going to be more of a nature spot.” Water bikes can be considered there, “but not swimming”.

Jean Selye still regrets it no camping.

That’s something we’re a little bit lacking these days, especially because we have places like Saint-Euro that lend themselves well to that.

John Cellier

About heritage promotion there is nothing at the national level, but “we are connected with the region and the department. I would like to hear more about us in the regional and departmental media.”

To promote this activity, Serge Delavalle, Cdc’s elected official for tourism and culture, mentions the napkins provided to restaurateurs.

This year we decided to make four different tables that show four symbolic places of the territory.

Serge Delavalle

These sets have a flash code which directs users to the tourist office website.

Regarding the tourist office, Serge Delavalle mentions “a wonderful place, but one that presents difficulties in terms of reception and life inside”. A reflection that can lead to a a new project tourist office.

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