“In spirit I have already played and won my show at the Martyrs Stadium”!

All in all, Fally Ipupa is set to mark his visit to the Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa on October 29, 2022. This is an event that will go down in the annals of Congolese music history. Everything is done so that the show meets the expectations of music lovers who come from all over. The party will be full! These assurances were given by the King of the Eagle King before the knights of the pen and the microphone during a press conference held this Thursday, October 20, in the Congolese capital.

Faced with a hundred journalists from around the world, Dicap la Mervey resisted for more than two hours to defend the main project of his musical career: to go to the Martyrs Stadium on October 29. This is a special topic on the agenda where most of the questions were directed and focused, moderated by Nata Lokole, star host of Digital Congo TV’s Sektion Music programme.

The gold record certified and awarded to the Kinshasa star by the SNEP artist in France, as well as the announcement of his new album called “Formula 7” are also two important topics that were instilled during the exchange of information with media professionals.

Regarding the fateful date of October 29, Folly Dicap indicates that his morale is at its zenith, despite all the pressures that arise in society. “I am calm. In my mind I feel like I’ve played that Martyrs Stadium gig before. As for me, the pressure pushes me to the limit. Moreover, those who know me from Bandalungwa, my hometown, know that I am naturally determined to achieve great things in my life regardless of the cost. This determination leads others to think that I am using charms. Although there are several healers, they can also consult to do more than I can. If so!“, the author of the Droit chemin album clarifies.

In the show program, Fally Ipupa assures that his concert will be different from the previous ones held at the Martyrs Stadium. Moreover, he stressed that it would be no more than any other a matter of avoiding any controversy. “I know that many concerts were given at the Martyrs Stadium, I did not say that mine would be in danger, more than all the others, this it will be different because first I will play my songs and then I will wear my clothes,” he said.

Asked if he would fill the 80,000-capacity Shahid Stadium, Fally Ipupa said that was not his vision. He promised to go on stage even with 2 thousand people. “Contrary to many people’s perception that a concert is only held when it is full. No! I’m going to put on my nice clothes to go on the catwalk. 3, 4,000, 2,000, 7,000, 20,000 (…) even if 20,000 people come, I don’t care, I’ll go upstairs and sing for the fun of the concert. And even if there are people there, it’s even better. I don’t just play because people are fed up. No! Those who know me can testify,” explained the former musician of the Latin Quarter orchestra, promising to present his gold record during the concert on October 29.

Security issues were also discussed during the conference. The artist called on the authorities to guarantee the safety of his fans during this event. ” I have my share of responsibility, it’s good to present my show and please music lovers. I think this question should be put before the nation because today the DRC is committed to the image of the country. When we move, we go to their countries, they protect us, I think the country should provide for all these people that come to the country “, – answered the former member of the Quartier Latin de Koffi.

As for Formula 7, Eagle noted that it is a 7thousand album of his career, the release of which took place immediately after the show at the Martyrs Stadium. Three singles from this opus are already available, namely: “BloquĂ©”, “Science-Fiction”, “Se yo”.

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