In the loving relationship of our animal friends in France 2

Documentary Animal kingdom, love games shows exceptional love, sometimes unprecedented, of famous or wonderful species. Fights, magic numbers or tricks, animals use exciting strategies, Thursday, May 26, at 21:10 on France Télévisions.

After studying the females, on February 8, “Masters of the Game”, a new opus “Animal Kingdom, love games”, offers striking images of the great beauty of males, demonstrating strength, ingenuity or artistic qualities. to seduce females worthy of perpetuating the species. In this documentary, created by Silverback Films for BBC and France 2, the variety and richness of the behavior is shot with fascinating but modest intimacy.

The voice of Alexandra Lamy

Alexandra Lemi’s comments with a gentle irony at the heart of the seductive relationship in the series. Boy girl . In the animal kingdom, if the alpha male is to prove his superiority by demonstrating strength and aggression, the charm also works, giving his chances to the helpful young chimpanzee or ostrich, which attracts its beauties with a wonderful dance. The mandrill monkey can count on its bright colors, the violin crab on its giant yellow claw greets the female, and the caiman releases a song that makes the surface of the water dance beautifully!

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Sometimes places are expensive. The African frog has barely 24 hours to attract steam in small ponds formed by rain in the savannah. The competition is fierce. If the male misses his destination, he will have to wait a year to try to win the right to reproduce.

A well-packaged gift

The innate behavior is accompanied by exceptional individual initiatives, reflected in the documentary France 2. Among the skate spiders, the male hunts for a fly, which he wraps in a beautiful gift box to feed his voracious partner. The cunning guy invents a scheme to seduce several women by wrapping a dead fly, then a flower, showing personal ingenuity. Male fireflies flicker for a while to attract their beauty, but some continue to flicker to seduce longer and convince them that they are still on the hunt!

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In the center of the equatorial forest of Borneo, a giant argus is training to spread its wings in fans during the courtship, filmed for the first time. Its feathers, the patterns of which create an optical illusion, create an enchanting spectacle. In New Guinea, a small architectural bird, McGregor’s gardener, builds a tower of branches to which he hangs delicate dishes. His song, which imitates the song of other birds, mixes with amazing sounds that cause trees to be cut down, barking or playing children!

Ballet in love in the mirror

Wedding dances are also felt in pairs. Aquatic characin, a fish from South America, jumps and clings to the drooping leaf of mangrove forests, this is the time when his female lays eggs, and he fertilizes and waters them. In seahorses, the male, white with desire, seduces the female, which corresponds to white. This is followed by a ballet synchronized in the mirror, during which the female passes her eggs to the abdomen of the male who carries them. The ostrich, like the alligator salamander, is difficult to remove, the father monitors the brood of female eggs.

This is how the fires of love live in nature, depicted in this wonderful documentary by directors Joe Loncrain, Simon Nash and Jeff Wilson.

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