In Upper Vienna, the legislative election outlines a confrontation between two legitimacies

Are legislative elections local or national? Both the 2022 edition could materialize the peak of two major trends in Upper Vienna in five years: in the local elections, the traditional LR and PS parties took advantage of their local roots, while the presidential-dominated movements ( LREM). , RN and LFI) owe their results primarily to their national implementation. What about Sunday? It is difficult to say, as there are many uncertainties, from the transfer of votes from the presidential election to the parliamentary elections.

Candidates in Haute-Vienne

First constituency: Stephanie Tambo (DVD), Fabien Marche (Recovery), Jean Valier-Viale (LR), Christian Zhedu (RN), Sophie Baudouin-Ubier (Together, Exit), David Provo (Animal Party), Elizabeth Focon ( LO), Damien Mode (Nupes-LFI).

Second constituency: Stefan Delotrett (Nupes-PS), Jean-Marie Bost (LR), Cyril Coneras (Regionalist), Jean-Luc Bonnet (Various Center), Claudine Russi (LO), Daniel Gendarme (LO), Daniel Gendarme (GRS), Sabrina Minge (RN), Giselle Carre (Restoration), Sherazada Seiter (Ensemble)

third constituency: Gilles Toulouse (LR), Albin Freiche (RN), Daniel Murnetas (LO), Nazi Sabun (Various Center), Antoine Ardan (Recovery), Geoffroy Sarden (Together), Manon Menier (Nupes-LFI), Corinne Brossar Countryside), Vincent Leoni (Various Center), Nellie Rassat (Regionalist)

With the support of the presidential majority, dissent will make it difficult to read the vote, along with Emmanuel Macron’s task. Only Sophie Baudouin-Ubier, the only member of the presidential majority, was able to rally in the first constituency. In the second, the elected independent of Limoges Sherazad Seiter has to face the opposition of the mayor of Vizen Jean-Luc Bonnet, when Geoffroy Sarden, accused of national parachuting in the third district, has to face two “local” dissidents, radical Vincent Leoni and radical Vincent Leonido. Saint-Juveni Nazi Sabun. In the latter two cases, the split could cost the presidential majority a comfortable position as leader on Sunday night or even access to the second round, in the event of an equal distribution of votes.

What’s the voice on the left?

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The United Left has not asked for so much – but it is still necessary that this union is not a white marriage, which voters do not want to the end. Will Nupes supporters of the Socialists want to vote for Insoumis, the candidates for the first (Damien Mode) and third constituencies (Manon Menier)? And will the radical left support the moderate socialist Stefan Delotrett (2nd district)? Two days before the election, this uncertainty is significant, although the campaign – and the possibility of victory – have helped ease tensions.

Five years ago, during the tide of the Macronists, voters wanted to give the newly elected president the opportunity to act. The PS paid the price and lost the three constituencies it held at the time. But since then, the line has shifted: Emmanuel Macron has a record, and the second round of local presidential elections has eroded his electoral base when a coalition of leftists surrenders, according to French constituencies living abroad. , create interesting dynamics (but not enough to overcome the ensemble).

In this landscape, the confrontation between the three presidential blocs could turn into a Nupes-Ensemble duel, especially in the country of the left, which is still Upper Vienna. The right-wing LR hopes to break this logic by using the split in the presidential majority to present itself as the only stronghold in the Nupes-RN duel. There are few candidates who believe in this hypothesis, but it is credible due to the growing popularity of voting for Le Pen in rural areas.

Extreme right in ambush

But often the far-right electorate is demobilized for parliamentary elections. The presence of three Reconquista candidates also complicates his task, when the presence of the MFF may distract some voters from the RN ballot. The determining factor will be the mobilization of each camp, and over the ballot hangs as low a level of participation as for the region.

The nationwide campaign did not help clarify issues (purchasing power, pensions), and more local issues (opening, PH 147, agricultural drought) will undoubtedly play an important role in voter choice. Until the return of the local to the national?

Sebastien Dubois


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