In Vassi, the city health center will work 4 days a week

By the end of 2022, patients will again gather at the Vassi medical office (Valdallière) with the hiring of two doctors. ©The Voice-Le Bocage

He will see patients on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Monday, October 10, 2022, at a council meeting, Valdallier’s elected officials officially created a city ​​health center in Vasa This will take place in the former office of Dr. Leconte, located at 8 rue Marcel-Lepage.

“We have already bought the premises. Today, we are at the moment when we have to achieve the goal,” Gilles Faucon presents.

Closed on Wednesdays

In the absence of the mayor Frederik Bronyar due to his health, the meeting was chaired by the first deputy.

Since this structure of primary care in general medicine is based on recruitment, two doctor positions and one administrative and financial manager position have been created.

Initially, two paid doctors will work in the health care center for four days, two days per doctor.

Gilles Faucon, Valdallier’s first assistant

Why not open on Wednesday? Faced with the backlash in the hall, Jean Pavy, general manager of services, adds: “We spent four days moving the schedules later. We’ve also tried to do according to everyone’s availability, knowing that it’s all flexible.”

Because Valdallier hopes to go further. “We have two full-time practices. […] We have an absolute need to strengthen this team,” recalls Gilles Faucon. “Those who found a doctor on the street should definitely keep him! There will be no pace, they will not miss as many patients as the liberals. »

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The fight against medical desertification must continue.

They want other candidates

“We will look for new candidates. Since we take over all the administrative part, we can attract doctors close to retirement who want to slow down, or young people who want to have some free time,” continues Jean Pavy.

Dr. Leconte’s former medical secretary will be hired by the municipality. “We will have to find additional hours for him to work all year round, even during vacation or possible sick leave,” the elected officials know.

“He will be in short supply”

How much will it cost the community? “We know that this health resort will be in short supply, but we don’t yet know how much. We are in the dark,” answers Frederik Wilgozik, deputy finance officer. “Doctors’ salaries have not yet been discussed. It will be necessary to take into account the cost of software, maintenance of premises, handling of special waste…”

One thing is for sure, the doctors’ activities will largely cover their salaries, as Valdallière will bill social security and mutual insurance organizations for consultations.

On the patient side, third-party payment will apply to the mandatory part at the time of discovery, and ultimately should be applied in full to facilitate access to care. “For this, the signing of contracts with joint-stock enterprises must be effective,” the first deputy clarifies.

Open “as soon as possible”

When will the city health center open? “The goal is to open as soon as possible,” replies Gilles Faucon. If they hope to open on November 15, 2022, then everyone knows them: we will have to wait for feedback from the regional health agency, confirmation of the medical project, as well as installation of equipment and training on new software.

As for the premises, “it can be used immediately, without special costs.”

Gilles Faucon did not hide his pleasure at the creation of the actée wellness center. “We’re doing the people a real service by doing what we’re doing tonight. »

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