Inaugural issue of Ugjit Mijua’ji’jg

Ugjit Mijua’ji’jg in Mi’gmaw means For our children. The name was chosen after a competition among the children of the community.

We are not fishing for today, it is for the future, it is for our children todayexplains Darcy Gray, chairman of Listuguj.

The boat was painted in the orange and black colors of the “Every Child Matters” movement in memory of the children of the first nations who were to attend boarding schools.

For Darcy Gray, this new boat symbolizes both the resilience of her community and her culture. Fishing is a part of ushe said.

Ship 4.0

With a hold of 70 cubic meters, the 65-foot (19.81 m) crabber is the third ship in the community built by the Chantier Forion Navy. This is an incredible boat, you can’t compare it to others. How it is built is a completely different technologycommented the chairman of the board of the band Listuguj in an interview on Friday morning in Bon Pied, early.

Construction of the $ 4 million ship began last summer and lasted all winter. A little more than twenty people worked on it.

Initially, the boat will be used to catch crabs, but it can be adapted to catch shrimp or land fish.

Jean-David Samuel, president and general manager of Chantier naval Forillon, explains that this is the first multifunctional boat model built by the company.

All fishing lines are passed to put behind a trawl with an arc, winches. He could go fishing for shrimp or terrestrial fish by south modifying and adding equipmentexplains the CEO of the company.

The equipment of a steering cabin is the most modern. It’s more than 2.0, I would say 4.0, with 360 vision, large TVs with touch screens, something very modern, very safe and reliabledescribes Mr. Samuel.

The vessel’s flask has been redesigned to improve its hydrodynamics and longitudinal stability. It’s a success, he says CEO : We did some tests yesterday, everything is going well, very stable, the sea is nice, it exceeded our expectations.

Yesterday we conducted several tests, everything is fine, it has good stability, it’s nice at sea, – comments the CEO of Chantier naval Forillon.

Photo: provided by: Forillon shipyard

The ship is also equipped with freezing systems that will allow the crew to stay longer at sea, says Darcy Gray. The latter also welcomes the fact that the ship will be equipped with a more economical and less polluting engine.

This is the future, he adds CEO a court that relies on this prototype built for Listugui. This attracts a lot of attentionremarks Jean-David Samuel. We are already trying to improve it. I think it will make people jealous.

The vessel will land its catch at the pier in Saint-Theres de Gaspe.

Baptism of Ugjit Mijua'ji'jg

The grand opening of the ship took place in the presence of part of the community of Mi’kmaw.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bruno Lelievre

Two other boats were previously built for the community at Gaspe Shipyard, where Friday was a time of celebration between customers and company. Our employees, our families, should thank the employees and customers who trusted ussays Jean-David Samuel.

Construction site full of projects

Fishing varies greatly. Darcy Gray believes that among the eight boats in her community will soon have to replace others. The community, which has been investing in commercial fishing for 21 years, also plans to focus on catching land fish.

Gaspé Shipyard is also monitoring redfish catches, which should be resumed over the next two to three years. A new model of the ship, adapted for this fishery, is almost ready, says Jean-David Samuel: We almost finished the super beautiful case, the design for catching red perch, with on-board canning, which will allow the fish to stay much brighter, much longer.

About one fishing boat a year is built in the yard.

In 2015, the company also won a major contract with the Canadian Coast Guard to build six search and rescue vessels. In 2018, four more boats were added to the order. The sixth ship in the series will leave the yard next week.

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