It grew on an island of 64 km2

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 07:00 – Sandra Le Cooter comes from the end of the world. When they arrive at their destination, even the birds return! It is on the Acadian Peninsula, in New Brunswick, that we will land for a while, the time to discover this poetic place, which is the island of Misku.

The island, according to Sandra, is no bigger than a sheet of paper. 8 to 11. At the end – the meeting of the Baie-des-Chaleurs with the Gulf of St. Lawrence. And if you stretch your neck, you can imagine yourself in the face, Chandler.

__ “It’s extraordinary. You can’t go any further, you fall into suspension, even if suspension no longer exists. It’s infinity. – Sandra Le Cutter, performer __


Sandra Le Cooter grew up on this island with an area of ​​64 km2. She, who is now called the “diva” or “great lady of Akkadian song”, lived her life with a sea noise in her ears.

“Apart from the noise of the waves, I was brought up by berlikokos! Winkles, you know! The rest of us call it berlikokos. We had it between our toes, we didn’t have sandals. It was so. We collected a lot of it, because it is also good! »

When she talks to me about this place she loves, it’s like I was there. Although I never went there. The salty air tickles my nose, my eyes marvel at the windy sandy beaches, and my ears hear all the warmth of Acadia in his voice.


Sandra tells me that when she was little, Miskow Island was completely cut off from the world. There was no gas station, no shopping center, not even a library.

– We didn’t even have a doctor! There was a nurse. She just spoke English. She did not speak French. We managed to figure it out. »

It was the same for the school. There were none.

“I will explain to you how isolated we were. To study, you had to go to Shippagan. In the winter we had to be settled because we could not return. The ferry was our means of transportation. Miscou was a hole, as we speak in good French. »

Today everything has changed. Since 1996, the bridge connects Miska with the island of Lamec. Now there is a wellness center, two restaurants and cafes.

“La Terrasse à Steve is extraordinary. People sit at tables outside, feet in the sand and heads in the stars, eating crabs, lobsters, turtles, shellfish… Everything that grows in the sea.


French music fascinates her. Songs by Brel, Ferre and Barbara come to him from New Carlisle Radio, CHNC-FM, Gaspez.

Sandra Le Cutter lived almost opposite the church. I often went there with my mother.

“My mother was very Catholic. She sang at 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. and then brought me with her. There were only two of us in the church. Then she made me sing. I still remember it! And I saw a priest with such hands in the air, then I said to myself: My God! I also want to be a priest so I can do my show there! »


In the northeastern part of the island is a lighthouse, built in 1856. Laughing, she tells me that her mother sometimes put her in a locker here.

“Lighthouse keeper, she didn’t have a little girl. So she sometimes borrowed from me on the weekends. I was probably five years old. I still remember the misty beep screaming to warn the boats, and seeing the light from the lighthouse lick the sea like a big tongue. This is one of my fondest memories. »


In addition, the Misku lighthouse is a constant source of inspiration for Sandra. Even today she goes for a walk to absorb the smells of sand and spray. It is on the coast that she learns her songs. Let her mourn them too. When the song dries up, it’s time for her to go on stage with her.

Miscou also smells of wildflowers, wild roses, and this scent can be mischievous. It can make you fall in love when you least expect it.

“When you’re in a car and walking around the island, you can’t sit with anyone. You have to be careful, because you can get hit. You can fall in love like that (clicking your fingers) with the person next to you. I’m careful who I go with, I know the plant. (Laughs.) “


In addition to about 800 inhabitants and a handful of tourists, the island of Miska is inhabited by legend. A sea monster roams the waters of Beau de Schaller to protect the island. The creature, which in ancient times was called Gugu.

“In the summer, I give a show at the lighthouse and tell people to be careful, because in the intermission, if you go for a walk along the coast, you can meet La Gugu. She likes strange people. Then, when we start the show again, there will be a lack of spectators. »


Laughing, Sandra says that as a child she was ashamed to say that she was from the island. Today she is proud of it. Speaking, she likes to tell people “you did not come to us, but to us”!

“I realized that it is in the burrows that we find treasures. When you take a shovel, you dig, you find treasures! Over time, I realized that the hole was well filled. It was full. »


The island was first inhabited by Mikmaks. The name Miscou comes from the word susqu, which means “peat bogs” or “lowlands”. Jacques Cartier set foot there in 1534.

Today, people go there for the beaches, seafood, sunset and tranquility.

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