Jacques Perrin: brave with a strong heart

Actor, director and producer Jacques Perrin believed in the seventh art: Projection of illusion and common dream “, he said. Apparently, in the poems whispered by his mother, he drew a thirst for the imaginary and the absolute, which leads him in front of the camera and then behind it, making him a servant of this magical instrument, which is sometimes able to reveal the “invisible”. . The child of the ball, the mother of the actress and the father of the manager at the Comédie Française, living literature in a time protected from universal television, little Jacques gave himself up to long dreams of adventure and “uncertainty”. He may already be imagining a Drum Crab, a black cat on his shoulder, a prince secretly smoking a pipe, or an observer of migrating people. If his long career is printed on film, it is still from the theater that he begins. First with the actor Antoine Balpetre, the godfather of his sister Eva, then at the Conservatory, which he entered three years later. Seen on the stage of Edward VII by Italian director Valerio Zurlini, he got his first major role in the film Girl with a suitcase (1961), a story of impossible love with Claudia Cardinale. Others had less charming first ones.

Honor itself, she becomes one of the most beautiful incarnations Drum crabthis spectrum that we cross when looking for the ideal in a lost world and that offers children dreams for a thousand years

The embodiment of honor

This era was for Franco-Italian co-production, and the young Perrin tied the films across the Alps, even sharing the bill with Marcello Mastroianni in Personal diary (1962) before his return to France in 1964 to hold a decisive meeting there: Pierre Shendoerfer. Perren speaks the same language with the French director and shares the same dreams. He becomes the face of those thousands of young Frenchmen who renounced their innocence in Indochina’s 317th Platoon (1965), then embodies this weary captain in Algeria, c Captain’s honor, abandoned by the Republic, sacrificed by those who dress in virtues of which they know nothing. Honor itself, she becomes one of the most beautiful incarnations Drum crab, this spectrum that we cross when searching for the ideal in a lost world and that offers children dreams for a thousand years.

From Shondoerfer to Gavras

Perrin will not keep his dreams to himself and will even allow others to realize them. In the year 68, while the golden youth was rocking the cobblestones, he triumphed in Russia Ladies from RochefortJacques Perrin opens his own production company to allow Costa Gavras, who forced him to play a few years ago in killer compartment (1965) and One person too much (1967), shoot your Z, which no one wants to fund. He is barely twenty-eight. “Then we set up a joint venture with Algeria. Nobody wanted to follow us. […] We admit that we did some accounting acrobatics, anticipating success. Montana and Trintignan received a mocking fee “, he explained a few years later. The film was an international success and even won several Oscars in 1970.

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Master of documentary film

If Jacques Perrin continues his acting career (more than 170 films in film and television), it will also continue to fund the films of others and what is a failure Roaring magpies Christian de Chalonge (who lent him ten years), Perrin replied, leaving Microcosm, Himalayas, childhood cook, People moving and Choristers which fascinated France in 2004. Thus, the independent Perren became a master of documentary film in large-scale production with, at a high level, ocean, released in 2010, which will be his big work. “The audience has a child’s soul”, He liked to say, and children dream of greatness and ideals in the depths of dark rooms. But these dreams are preserved only thanks to the brave with strong hearts. Jacques Perrin was one of them.

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