Jobs: Serge Cormier and Fernand Thibodeau see things differently

We have put forward many programs for our seasonal workersreminded the federal deputy. And I would say to Mr. Thibodeau: I don’t know if he sees what’s going on in our communities, but there are a lot of companies that are looking for people to work for now.

NB Minister of Social Development Bruce Fitch in a conversation with Acadie-Bathhurst MLA Serge Cormier.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Rene Landry

He was in Bertrand on Wednesday morning to announce public funding for the reconstruction of 56 affordable housing units in northeastern New Brunswick with provincial social development minister Bruce Fitch.

A few minutes outside the Ichiboshi Crab Processing Plant in Karake, seasonal workers Fernand Thibodeau was surrounded by staff to express his concern about the lack of working time to obtain insurance for work next winter.

So this is Mr. Cormier’s opinionFernand Thibodeau was the first to say. I respect her, but I have to tell you that we have employees who have problems who can’t work long enough.

Employees are demanding a simplification of the employment insurance system and, at the same time, a major overhaul of the divider, ie 12 weeks or 420 hours, in order to be entitled to a program that would guarantee employees 35 insurance weeks.

Whether or not to receive employment insurance

MNA Cormier, which is very concerned about the shortage of labor in local businesses, reminds that the needs are screaming and that many employers are increasingly forced to turn to foreign workers.

He notes that seasonal workers who lack working hours can help improve the situation of companies in need of labor.

They can even get employment insurance by going to work for these companies.he says.

Fernand Thibodeau

Fernand Thibodeau read the text to a group of employees at the Ichiboshi Crab Processing Plant in Karak.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Rene Landry

Can all factory workers be shoe sellers? Can they all work in restaurants? I do not think so. »

The quote h Fernand Thibodeau, spokesperson, help and support for seasonal workers

But not everything is so simple, reminds the spokeswoman of seasonal workers.

Fernand Thibodeau gives an example familiar to him.

An employee does other work and it works poorlyhe begins. Then he left this job. He will receive an application with a bad termination. When he tries to get employment insurance, he will not get it. This program is very punitive.

Debate outside of employment insurance

However, the MP and the press secretary of the seasonal workers seem to agree on at least one thing: reflection and dialogue are needed.

We will have to take care of a broader discussion on how to fill the vacancies in our companies.says Serge Cormier.

Fernand Thibodeau assures his side that he wants a permanent dialogue.

We need to find a solution so that this problem does not arise every year.he says, referring mainly to the lack of working time of seasonal workers at processing plants.

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