Karim Rissuli, host of C tonight, will be broadcast live from Cannes on France 5

Cannes, what does this mean for you?

I have already moved to Canal + and Great newspaper, and I see that when we are here, something is happening. However, twilight had recently arrived, and it coincided with the end of the Canal sur Croisette. There I believe that there is a form of renewal, we hear all the languages ​​spoken, it is an illustration of the restoration of the country of this festival.

The festival is collaborating with France TV, and some shows like yours will be streamed live from Cannes this Friday and next Friday, what’s different?

We hesitated to come It’s tonight, we were afraid that given the international news, our presence with such a program would be completely unaware. And then with the positioning of the Festival, the context, we understand that our program has its place here. We are a program about culture and current events, and the way the power of cinema has been confirmed, especially during the opening ceremony, makes me really feel in my place. The festival doesn’t look like there was no war, like there has never been a pandemic, there is a connection to a reality that is wonderful, even if it doesn’t bother Tom Cruise and Top Gun.

Kyrylo Serebrennikov, Serhiy Loznytsia, the historical and geopolitical positioning of this year’s festival is tight.

We talk a lot about society on our show, and we’ll invite Philip Focon and his film Kharkiv who is working on the memory and betrayal of France against Kharkiv, we will come Shooting with Omar Si, who allows us to look stories in the face. We are here for this. We will get Regis Varnier for his film This is the West The screening of the film at a beach cinema in Kyiv is a work that calls into question how the communist regime punished those who wanted to move west. The bridge between cinema and current affairs has never been so important. For a long time, the films were political, this year the festival positions itself very early. Vincent Lyndon summed it up well on Tuesday, it’s time for responsible directors. We can’t pretend anymore. It already existed before NativeRashid Bouchareb, who allowed something to change, but we are probably paying more attention to it. This festival is a very civic moment.

“Cinema does not change the world, but it can change the way we look at the world”

Do I need to use a movie to make something happen?

Cinema does not change the world, but it can change the way we look at the world, I agree with this quote from Virginia Ether during the opening ceremony. No, the Festival will not resolve the conflict in Ukraine, but it may change our perception of it.

Did the actors realize what they were embodying?

The return of the tragic war on European soil, the climate crisis, is a tragic daily life, and actors can no longer avoid it. They live in the same world as we do, and they have no choice. And this is good.

your program is involved in a peaceful debate.

This is a miracle on television. France 5 gives us the luxury of having time, to have debates that are not clashes, noise. The debate can be conducted in nuances, it is a discussion, reflection, and you can change your mind at the end of the show without hitting each other. At first, I was afraid of debate because the word was overused. We can no longer have a peaceful debate, I thought… We couldn’t avoid it, and in fact I was wrong. On the other hand, not everything is discussed in the same way. We do not discuss feminism, global warming, racism as another topic. This can be done only in nuances.

Why does it work on France 5?

Because the chain gave us time to find our model. Choice of guests too. And then our attitude to time, because we spend time with guests. We can allow someone to discuss for 2 minutes without interrupting it. And the audience goes… It’s like the subway at half past midnight, it’s a utility service, it has to be. And finally, this is not a midnight subway, we are a subway before, I did not think we would score such points so quickly. In 18 months we managed to get a job. And coming to Cannes is all: we have different views on the news.

Thierry Fremo said that Cannes is a place where you go to see Ken Loach’s movie in a tuxedo.

Some time ago, this big gap could have been awkward, it’s not. When the Ukrainian president speaks during the opening ceremony, it sets the stage. It is good to be a Ukrainian, Palestinian, Syrian director and to go on the red carpet to show the reality of his work. I think this realization can continue.

C tonight, this Friday night and next Friday live from Cannes on France 5 from 22:20.

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