Karlipa: mobilization against the killing of five locusts

Five trees need to be cut down in the yard of a small school, the experts decided. Parents are in favor of alternative solutions.

For decades, five fake acacia trees have sheltered the schoolchildren of Karlipa from the scorching heat, which has become more frequent over the years. They cast their benevolent shadow on the playground and thereby protect the classrooms. Unfortunately, the city hall decided to reduce them, to the dismay of some parents of the students, including Marie-Laure Wagler, who called for mobilization. According to the selectmen who called the expert, the locust would be hollow and would pose a danger to children. On the part of the parents, professional pruner Pierre Pouget does not share this opinion. For him, the famous trees are not dangerous at all, and he even offers alternative solutions to this radical position. “They can be placed safely,” says the professional, who emphasizes that first of all, “they need to be trimmed. They haven’t been trimmed for 4 or 5 years – he managed it himself – because they have too many ports. You must lower their sails; they are trees that can last a very long time if they are allowed to express themselves.”

Alternative solutions

He’s delegating it, he’d like to have a discussion with City Hall to see what to do. I want to go a little further in the analysis and work possibilities, to see the technical and financial solutions, what we can do, but for that I need to see the trees. There I can do it only from the outside. I cut them 5 years ago, you have to see what can be cut. In my opinion, shooting them all is not an option. There may be trees that are more tired than others and eventually we will have to remove them, that’s not a problem for me. On the other hand, we are at school, not in the middle of the field. We do not remove trees in this way, especially when there are other solutions, but the mayor hides behind his expertise because he has already made a decision,” cut off Pierre Puget. long…”. Or sent him a quote. “It’s on the mayor’s desk. I know these trees, I took care of them, maybe you should listen to me. In addition, I bring financial solutions. We can do it cheaper while we’re at it.”

The solution in question? “You have to put them together and put a metal frame to hold them together and make something like a gazebo that you can even climb up with a creeper or jasmine that would also provide shade. Instead of taking away, I add it. This is my solution, there are others to be found. Just discuss it.’

Meeting with the mayor

For their part, parents of students, moved by such a radical decision, are solving the issue. A letter was sent to all the families of the educational group – Senne, Carlip and Willesi, whose child studies here. The French natural environment was captured, as was ForêtVerte forever, an association of environmental defenders and elected representatives of the territory: André Viola, president of the community of municipalities, Claudie Faucon-Mejean, regional councilor and departmental councilor.

Mayor Serge Serrano accepted the parents, a constructive exchange at first glance, as he undertook to get an expert to study the feasibility of a metal structure on trees, as well as the cost. Previously, the elected official informed the interlocutors of the conclusion of the examination, which states that the trees are dangerous. “Of the 38 trees assessed in the city, 13 have to be cut down, but we will replant some, and in the meantime we will definitely shade the yard with a tarpaulin,” assures the first magistrate of Carlipa, confiding his concerns as mayor, ensuring that the safety of children and parents “Not to mention the legal issues, humanly speaking, if there was an accident, it would be horrible to tell me I failed,” says Mr. Serrano.

Thus, he had to call an expert.

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