Kyiv says it has lost a quarter of its agricultural land due to Russian occupation
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Cover image: 38-year-old Alexander in front of his tractor in a field in the Mykolaiv region (southern Ukraine), Saturday, June 11, 2022. Genya SAVILOV / AFP GENIA SAVILOV / AFP

  • Ukraine’s request for EU (EU) candidate status will be answered in the near futurepromised on Saturday Ursula von der Leyen. “We want to support Ukraine on its European path”assured the President of the European Commission Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to Kyiv.
  • In the East, on the front line, where the Russian offensive has been intensifying for several days, “The enemy has concentrated most of its efforts in the north of Luhansk region,” Sunday is where he is “Uses large-scale artillery and, unfortunately, has an advantage of ten to one” This plan was announced on Facebook by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army Valery Zalouzhny. “Despite heavy fire, we managed to stop the enemy.” he added. The Ukrainian presidency announced this morning“Constant assaults and artillery shelling of Severodonetsk and surrounding villages”.
  • Amnesty International on Monday (June 13th) accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine. The organization claims that hundreds of civilians were killed in incessant attacks on Kharkiv, many of which were carried out using cluster bombs. The human rights group said it had found evidence that Russian troops used cluster bombs, 9N210 and 9N235 munitions and cluster mines, two categories prohibited by international treaties, during seven attacks on Ukraine’s second-largest city in the northeast.
  • President Zelensky announced on Saturday evening the selection of settlements by Ukrainian troops, for example, Tavriysk, in the Kherson region, and in the Zaporizhia region, and the Russian army is still beating the outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city. Also in the evening, the Chortkiv district in western Ukraine was shelled, said the governor of the region Volodymyr Trouch.
  • During an interview that aired Friday on the Feigin live YouTube channel, Adviser to President Zelensky Oleksiy Arestovych admitted that the Ukrainian army lost about ten thousand soldiersat the rate of one hundred per day.
  • Speaking through a video at the Asia-Pacific Security Forum, Zelensky again called on the international community to press for Russia to end the blockade of Ukrainian Black Sea portsotherwise “Food shortages will inevitably lead to political chaos that threatens to overthrow many governments”.
  • Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, speaking at the forum, said on Sunday that Beijing “Supported peace talks” between the two warring parties and assured that his country did not have “Never provided material support to Russia” in this conflict.

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