L’Aigle Cycling Club. What were the last performances of cyclists?

Gwenael Legendre is ninth in the Normandy Cup (© DR)

Review of cyclists in L’Aigle Cycling Club (Orne) and their last race.

Saturday, April 9

The Doris Trophy Opening Trophy took place at Le Mans (72) at the Leon Bolle Velodrome.

This trophy, designed for young people from cycling schools, from elementary to low school, was organized by the Sarthe departmental committee and allowed them to discover the different disciplines of the track on their road bike.

The youngest Pablo Lemersier performed well there, taking third place in speed, fourth in scratch and third in the overall standings. He will be present the next day of this trophy.

In La Bonneville-sur-Eaton (27) there was a tour of the Classic of young leopards – Souvenir Max Louvel, designed for hopes and juniors. Joshua finishes in 35th placeand place in the peloton.

Sunday, April 10

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In Claire (27) Pauline Payen finishes in 28th placeand place in this departmental race 3 and 4.

Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 April

In Cannes, during a regional cadet identification course, Theo Lesier, along with three other Ornais cadets, took part in a two-day course organized by Territorial Technical Director David Louve, one of which was dedicated to preparing for the time trial.

Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17

The French Cup of the North Division took place in Vaux-en-Amiens (80). Matteo Etié and Theo Lesier took part in this round over the weekend.

Saturday, an individual time race on the 8.6 km track, was a good experience for two young people who are not used to this kind of effort.

On Sunday it was necessary to overcome 80 km, ie thirteen laps of a 6.3-kilometer circle with about a hundred runners at the start.

Notice the great game of Theo, who arrived with two of his teammates in a platoon of twenty-five units, which is at stake to win, allowing Orn’s team to finish third. Only three departments were represented by three riders in this peloton: Manche, Paris and Orne.

Mateo, a victim of mechanical problems on the first laps, made a lot of effort to return to the peloton, an effort he paid for at the end of the race. He gained experience, someone who is only a first-year cadet.

Monday, April 18

In Kerdeel-en-Beau (56), on the Baroudeurs track, there were many heights for this new Breton competition, open to women, Gwenael Legendre finished in 27th place.and Maidan. Training continues.

At La Guéroulde (27) it was a recovery for the minimal Nathan Travani, who finished eleventh in the event.

In Saint-Georges-du-Vièvre (27), the departmental race, Johann is in tenth place, the one who returned from his trip to Paris-Roubaix.

In Saint-Germain-des-Tallevende (14) Marin Etiier finished 23rdand this test is reserved for department members.

Friday, April 22

A departmental track course took place in Le Mans. This Friday, the departmental cycling committee organized a track course at the La Bolle velodrome for young people from the youngest to the cadets. Three runners came there: Antonin Gandon, Louison Henry and Nathan Travani. A great discovery for these young people.

Saturday, April 23

Leno (14) hosted the Normandy Cup among women, the minimum, the cadets “Souvenir of Henri-Jeanne”. Among the ladies was the good behavior of two young Marines, Etielle and Gwenael Legendre. Marin is part of a trio trying to get back to two splits, and Gwenael belongs to a small group that stands behind. They do not spare their efforts, but pay for it on arrival, Marin finishes fifth and Gwenael – ninth.

Among the cadets, despite the difficulties, this is a large peloton, which arrives for a mass sprint. The only Eglon, Mateo Etije, ranks 24th in this peloton.and Maidan.

Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 were held in Essay (61). Jean-Michel Carron finished ninth in the D4.

The race of 2nd and 3rd juniors took place in Lane-en-Bellini (72). Mathieu Osmon is one of the leading group that plays to win, but finishes twelfth.

Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 took place in Pisa (27). Frank Genand is twentieth in D4.

Sunday, April 24

In Parinier-l’Eveque (72), in a cycling school and on a very difficult route, Pablo Lemersier took fourteenth place among the youngest. There was a mass arrival among the cadets, which ended in fourteenth place for Theo Lesier, the victim of the chain jump in the last package. Well done to all runners.

Come in and join Vélo Club Aiglon. The cycling school is a section for young people, boys and girls, aged five to fourteen. Trainings take place on Wednesday afternoons from 14:30. Equipment loan is possible. You can come and join them for testing. Information from Jean-Pierre Henri at 06 66 61 50 22 or from Christian Bro at 06 75 50 24 58.

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