L’Aigle has a project of 22 new cameras worth 500,000 euros

Philippe Van-Horn, Mayor of L’Aigle, Sébastien Jallet, Prefect of Orne and Letizia Mirande, Prosecutor of Alençon ©Le Réveil Normand

“Your presence in our beautiful city of L’Aigle is very important because we are going to sign an integrated security agreement between the state, the prosecutor’s office and the city of L’Aigle,” explained the mayor of L’Aigle (Orna). , Philip Van Horn.

Local justice

It comprehensive security agreement this is the third agreement of this kind, signed in Orna after Alanson and fleurs, and the first in suburban territory in the area of ​​competence of the national gendarmerie. This signature is made in order to extend the validity of the agreement signed between municipal police and gendarmerie in 2018 and updated in early 2022.

The mayor claims that the question in security and some rest there is a lot in the mouths of new residents. To prove his point, he examines the case of an 83-year-old woman was sexually assaulted In L’Aigle, a resident, “we need strong justice,” insists Philip Van-Horn. This case allowed the mayor to turn to the system video surveillance implemented in the city.

Some wondered what it was for, but using the video allowed investigators to determine that the man had been following the woman for 25 minutes.

Philip Van Horn

According to him, this is “a concrete example of how we are getting results” thanks to video surveillance.

Letitia Miranda, the prosecutor of the city of Alençon, followed the mayor’s lead, saying that “this case is a demonstration of the close cooperation between the services of the city, the gendarmerie, justice and various public services.” The purpose of signing this contract is formalize and strengthen joint commitments.

The prosecutor has a role to play in what I would call local justice.

Letitia Miranda

The fairness of the proximity in which elected officials are first relays “criminal policy,” explains the prosecutor, “and that allows me to say that mayors can be with our fellow citizens, the relay of our actions.” The prosecutor also reminded that “the mayor also has powers of judicial origin in certain functions.” Indeed, it is the first public health center of the city, “there is a crime prevention coordination function.” The mayor can call for order “if it is about a case that can undermine order, safety or health.”

The parties wish to “strengthen the ties of the mayor’s office, public services, justice in this action of permanent fight against crimes.” Sebastien Jallet, prefect of Orne, welcomes “the signing of this comprehensive security contract.” A contract that, according to the prefect, will give an opportunity to react security issues such as “everyday crime, urban rodeos, drug dealing, or even interpersonal violence.”

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Reinforcement of video security 500,000 euros

He mentioned “very specific commitments” such as “consolidating and strengthening the presence of the gendarmerie in the territory and in the city of L’Aigle”. The territory already has at its disposal a community teams including 32 military personnel.

The workforce that is planned to be consolidated during the term of the comprehensive security contract.

Sebastien Jallet

The gendarmes also served a strengthening their equipment and materials“half the fleet was renewed 18 months ago,” explains Sébastien Jallet, and they new generation on-board cameras.

This contract also contains “joint obligations regarding the reception and living conditions of the gendarmes and their families in the city of L’Aigle.” The prefect expressed the parties’ will to “act against crime as well as prevent crime” thanks to the city’s commitment to video security.

A commitment renewed today by a project introduced in 2022 to develop video security.

Sebastien Jallet

The project to strengthen video surveillance, which provides 22 additional cameras with cost 500,000 euros and “will be accompanied by the state.”

“I undertake to provide you, Mr. Mayor, with 50% of the financing of this project at the expense of state loans,” Prefect Orna concluded.

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