Legislation 2022: These Nupes vs. RN duels plunge voters into anticipation

This is an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of the 5th Republic: 58 constituencies will see the Nupes candidate face to face with the RN candidate. Ten in the former Languedoc-Roussillon. On the side of the candidates Together! beaten, the republican front on the side of the presidential majority, trying to apply…

Hundreds of thousands of voters will be in disarray this Sunday. The fault of the surprise of this first round: a large number of fights oppose the candidates from the National Rally to the candidates from Nupes. Mostly insurgents. This is completely unprecedented in history 5e A republic with so many fights between extremes: 58 constituencies in France and 10 in the former Languedoc-Roussillon. In the 3rd Eastern Pyrenees, 4th and 5th Garda, the first and 3rd Od. Finally, the record can be found on the side of Herault, where this scenario will affect five of the nine districts (4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).

By removing, Edirne urges not to vote for Nupes or RN …

In the 8th Hall of Hérault, Jean-François Edirne, the mayor of Saint-Georges-d’Orc, who was eliminated in the first round, offered his constituents “vote but do not vote for Nupes or RN”. Claiming that there is no qualified candidate “serious”. Former district MP Christian Socialist is less sentimental: “I will vote for Nupes, no doubt, even if it’s Insoumis. When RN is present, I always choose the camp left.”. The choice of Jean-François Audrin? “I don’t understand that, and I’ll tell him. His party often benefited from the Republican Front. When they need to stand up, they shouldn’t steal.”.

There is no republican front

This Republican Front, which benefited them greatly in 2017, presidential candidates are now trying to use instead. In the Eastern Pyrenees, the national rally is leading everywhere. But on 3e constituency, the presidential majority is eliminated. Pierre Bataille, his representative assured that he “I would vote for whites”. On the 5the district of Gard, the LREM candidate from Gard was clear: will not vote for “Candidate Nupes from La France Insoumise, who ran for NPA in 2012. Because I do not support the left, as well as the far right. Voters will do what they want… »

For all these excluded candidates, this defeat is very bitter, and the phones are very often turned off. After the tidal wave of 2017, the failure they experienced remains difficult to swallow. Philip Ribeau, a presidential candidate, was expelled from the 4th district of Gar “I have never been a supporter of voting instructions. It does not affect voters. For my part, I have always blocked the far right. But if I can vote for a socialist, it’s harder when Melanchon is behind me. “.

National cacophony

I must say that the Cornelian choice that is looming in these constituencies is forcing voters to jump more than once. Seth Mayor Francois Commein does not take off and prevents himself from choosing 7e Hérault Constituency: “Extreme programs are just as dangerous for the country. I will not vote for one or the other, as I was able to do in the past in the departmental elections, in opposition to the PC FN “. Without “Moderate candidate”, Seth City Council decided not to choose. Carcassonne Mireille Robert withdrew from Garda “Good luck to those who come” without giving instructions on voting and without calling for the republican front: “Sovereign people have chosen extremes”she notes.

Against the far right, we will always support candidates who respect republican values.
This is your case @Fabien_Roussel.
Our line: never vote for the far right. https://t.co/KowOW1lvW3

– Elizabeth BORN (@Elisabeth_Borne) June 12, 2022

This cacophony on the Languedoc scale can be found in Paris. If Clement Bon, the minister-delegate in charge of Europe and in his Paris constituency, speaks negatively, he called for “personally” to vote for Nupes candidates in the event of a duel in the second round with candidates from the RN. But he was completely alone. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said on Sunday: “We will not succumb to extremes either”. Before you calm down your thoughts on Twitter on Monday: “Faced with the far right, we will always support candidates who respect republican values. This is your business, Fabien Russell. “, she wrote. Support that a communist candidate could receive as a candidate from the Socialists (his former political family) or even an environmentalist. But not, it seems, for Insoumis, which is seen as “extreme”. Something to add to the confusion, even when Emmanuel Macron traps Jean-Luc Melanchon, remembering that “no vote should go to the far right”. Voters facing this election next Sunday are no longer advanced …

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