Legislation in Camper: why did young people avoid the ballot box? – Legislative elections Finister

In Camper on Sunday during the first round of parliamentary elections in Finistère’s first constituency, voters cast 36.91% of the vote for Gregory Leber (Nupes) and 33.56% of MP Anna Le Mer (presidential majority), who is set to meet. in the second round. The level remained at 47.21%. Of the 62%, 58% and 58% of polling stations, respectively, the 16 established at Paul Langevin School, 14 at Kervilien School and 9 at Penhars Town Hall are those where Camperoua traveled. at least. The retention rate is also 57% at polling station G8 at Yves-Le-Manschek and 56% at the second polling station in Langevin.

In one of the offices in downtown Kemper, Sunday. (The Telegram Photo Archive / Benjamin Pontis)

Strong retention in young and popular sectors

Thus, the content of these offices is ten to fifteen points higher than the city average. A quick glance shows that these offices are located in working-class neighborhoods. That is, probably the neighborhoods where access to housing facilitates the residence of the youngest families.

The day after the first round of this parliamentary election, it is difficult to conduct an accurate quantitative analysis by age group. However, the hypothesis of a very high turnout among voters under the age of 35 (estimated at 70% nationally according to the Ipsos and Sopra Steria poll for France TV and Radio France) seems to be confirmed by observations in Kemper’s offices Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, I probably saw two or a maximum of three young people at the polls, including an 18-year-old boy who was going there with his mother for the first time.

According to observers, there are far fewer young people

“On Sunday afternoon, I probably saw no more than two or three young people at the polls, including an 18-year-old boy who was going there with his mother for the first time,” said Elian Focon-Dumont, vice president of the office. № 16 Paul Langevin in Penhar, according to which voters between the ages of 15 and 40 avoided the ballot box more. Another office (17th) also saw a “small drop in youth voting”.

Further south, near Kervilien, the E14 evaluators draw the same conclusion. According to the president of the office, Françoise Philippe-Richard, 25-50-year-olds were present much less than in the presidential election: “The average age was about 70-90 years. Some of them were offended by this, wondering why the older one should decide the future of the younger one. “

“Lack of information”

In Penharsa this Monday afternoon, most young voters surveyed acknowledged a lack of information: “I haven’t seen much of it on social media,” said Jean-Brice, a 25-year-old businessman. The same argument for 23-year-old Marianne and her friend Tiffeen, 25. On Sunday, they did not vote: “As in the presidential election, I went to vote in two rounds. But the legislative elections were not the subject of discussion among friends, “said the first. “I, my dad, have to force myself sometimes.” And two birthdays organized this weekend did not help: “And then the weather was good, we went to the beach in Benode.”

Names of qualified candidates for the second round in Camper? I do not know…

A resident of the Kergestin district, Yu., 18, has not voted for several months and will probably not vote on Sunday. “There is no special interest in this election. I was on a family walk in another city, ”the schoolgirl explains a little awkwardly. “I’m more interested in this topic,” she said, especially mobilized by social debates, such as secularism. “Names of qualified candidates for the second round in Camper? I do not know… “

in complement

Youth, the stock of votes on the left ??

In Finistère’s 1st constituency, Annag Le Mer (Together!) Won the first round on Sunday in Gregory Leber (Nupes), and, as elsewhere, the abstention concerned a significant number of polling stations. Thus, the candidates, divided by only 1,672 votes, have this reality in their minds and want to mobilize voters who were not in the first round.

The candidate on the left (EELV, LFI, PS, PCF), who came out first in Camper (36.92%), seems to be able to count on a reserve of votes in the capital of Cornwall. In fact, in the first round of the presidential election, the future Nupes received 12,404 votes against 8,419 this Sunday. This is a drop of 32%. Is it the fault of young people who did not take part in the vote and are likely to support the left-wing candidate? A survey of the most reluctant offices reminds us that votes need to be captured. Gregory Leber received 97 votes in Penhars’ 16 office when the future Nupes won twice (208) in the first round of the presidential election. The same observation is observed in Kervilien: 154 votes were cast against 287 for the four left-wing parties two months ago. The mobilization of these hundreds of voters next Sunday could change the situation.

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