Legislative 2022: Castaner, Walter, show your (many) supporters

While 1st round of legislative decisions will take place this Sunday, June 12, 2022, the candidates determine their support, and in the 2nd constituency there are many of them for the two main candidates, especially on the side of the elected representatives of the department.

Here’s how this Thursday, Christopher Castaner distributed a list of 43 signatories from the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and from the region of Sud-Pac, including: Reno MUSLIE, President of the Region of Sude, Daniel SPAGNU, President of Cisterone-Butch CC, Mayor of Sisterone, Gerard BOMEL, Mayor of Serest, Jean-Charles BORGINI, Regional Councilor, Mayor of La Brillian, Michel DALMASSO, Vice-President of the Department, Vice-Mayor of Forcalquier, Jacques DEPIED, President of the CC of Upper Provence, Mayor of Pays de Banon, Manet, Didier Derupit Mayor Pierre, Jerome Dubois, Mayor Volks, Serge FODRIN, Mayor Villeneuve, Evelyn FOR, Councilor of the Department of the Canton of Seine, Jean Ferron, Mayor of Val d’Orone, Jacques FOR, Mayor Josie, Jerome FRANCO, Mayor of La Motte du Kerr, Ellen Garcier-Richeux, Mayor of Focon de Barcelonette, Benoit Gován, Adviser to the Orazon-Villeneuve Canton Department, Mayor of the Ora Briaison of the Provencal Alps, Mayor of Digne-les-Bains, Jean-Paul Grosso, Mayor of Saint-Michel l’Observatory, Michel Mout, Adviser to the Department of the Canton of Raylon, Mayor of Banon, Albert Oliverro, Mayor of Anshastra, Laurent PASCAL, Mayor of Seine-les-Alpes, Jean-Luc QUEIRAS, Mayor of Saint-Tulle, Jean-Yves ROUX, Senator of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Adviser to the Department of the Canton of Seyne, Laurie SARDELLA, Adviser to the Department of the Canton of Manosque-2, Deputy Mayor of Manosque, Jean-Yves Sigo, Mayor of Tourier, Jean-Michel TRON, Vice-President of the Department, Mayor of Ubay-Ser-Ponson.

It’s the same for Leo Walter, NUPES candidate. The gathering of the left depends on a support committee headed by Jean-Louis Peyren, a representative of the central union SANOFI, which operates in Sisterone. And on the NUPES 04 website, the movement publishes a long list of support between citizens and elected officials.

Among them: BARDOUIN Sébastien, Deputy Mayor-Ste Croix à Lauze, BRESSAND Raymond, retired, former Mayor Reillanne, CLAPIER Alain, Mayor Vacheres, DEMONTIS Geneviève, Mayor Châteaufort, DUFOUR Raymond, Claire, Child France, 1st Member and Public activist-Selonne, Linares Marc, environmental activist, mountain guide and municipal councilor-La Motte-du-Kerr, MURGIE Natalie, municipal councilor-Saint-May, PARRA FRANC, municipal councilor-Manosque, PAUL GERAR, mayor de Mes, PERAR Frank, Deputy Mayor of Sisteron and Deputy Principal of the Sisteron Hotel, PIN Jean-Louis, Deputy Mayor of Toard, Raynault Brigitte, former Vice-President of the Council, Saint-Claude, Honorary Mayor of Toard, TUMANI SOREA, Municipal Councilor, Delegate Disability-Chateau-Arnault / Saint-Oban, RINANEZE Luigi, narrator-Niozel, SLIMI DEMADLI Anissa, executive secretary-Mirabeau, TESTANIER Claude, honorary director of the re, trade unionist-Manosk, doctor VUOSO Éric, Château-Arnoux-St-Auban, BARD Alain, Trade Union Activist in the Postal Sector at the National Level, Champtercier, BOURBOULON Isabel, Writer, ATTAC, Nails, LAINE Xavier, Physiotherapist, Manosque, PONCET, Association, Teacher Sisterone;


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