LEGISLATIVE In Upper Vienna, twenty-seven candidates for three seats

24.05.2022 | In Upper Vienna, two of the three LREM deputies who do not leave are not running again

In Upper Vienna, two of the three LREM deputies leaving their posts are not running for re-election. Only Sophie Baudouin-Ubier was invested by the presidential majority in the 1st constituency. Following the LFI, PS and EELV, two LFI candidates, Damien Mode and Manon Meunier, will be vying for votes, with the PS only running in the 2nd constituency with Stefano Delotrett. Two dissenting LREM candidates are also being announced in the 2nd and 3rd constituencies.

in 1st constituency (Limoges, Saint-Leonard de Nobla, Emutier), leaving LREM Sophie Baudouin-Ubier returns to battle. And this is the only one! In this left-wing constituency, held for thirty years by former Limoges mayor PS Alain Rode, the unknown received 55.6% of the vote in 2017. It remains to be seen whether the initial bonus will work, because she will have to meet seven candidates.

La Nupes has chosen the rebellious Damien Mode, a growing figure in the party who is none other than François Ruffen’s aide in parliament. The 25-year-old Corrèze, a former sociology student and UNEF activist, joined Jean-Luc Melanchon in 2017. This is the first time he has run in the election. Republicans have elected a lawyer, Jean Valier-Valle, who failed in the municipal elections in Saint-Leonard de Noble. On the left, Elizabeth Focon, a campaign campaigner, will represent the workers’ voice. The far right RN and Reconquête have nominated their candidates. Note that David Provost will be the only candidate from the Party of Animals.

Two dissident candidates from LREM

in 2nd constituency (Limoges, Saint-Irie-la-Perche, Saint-Junien), MP Pierre Vento threw in the towel. Deputy Jean-Baptiste Jebbari, who parachuted into the constituency in 2017 but won with 54.59% of the vote, fulfilled his role when the latter was appointed Secretary of State for Transport. Renaissance has invested in Sherazad Seiter, a lawyer who heads the French subsidiary of the non-governmental organization Ella Gora, the Climate Reality Project, elected to the municipal council under the PS / PC label and then independent, which has finally joined Modem. His investiture has angered local LREM leaders, especially Pierre Vento, who trusted Jean-Luc Bonnet, the mayor of Vigen, a dissident of the presidential majority. His deputy is none other than Bertrand Vento, Pierre’s brother, who is president of the departmental Chamber of Agriculture.

La Nupes has invested in the department of the only candidate from the Socialist, Stefan Delotrett, mayor of Les Cars and vice-president of the department’s council. The departmental federation of the PS voted against this alliance, putting three of its candidates before the presidential one, respecting the national decision. Republicans appointed Jean-Marie Bosta chairman of the dorsal committee and adviser to the department. Accustomed to voting, Claudine Russi will defend the colors of LO, while the Occitan party will be defended by Cyril Cogneras, the former city council for environmental issues in Limoges.

in 3rd constituency (Bellac, north of the department) Marie-Ange Man, who is a complete stranger, won in 2017 with 62.78% of the vote against Republican Guillaume Guerin, but the Renaissance did not invest in her. Geoffroy Sarden will try to keep his place. This Limoges, who claims that the roots of 100% of Upper Vienna got involved in politics in 2016. As a Ubisoft employee, he suspended his career to dedicate himself to a legislative campaign or even more … and make a name for himself locally.

He will have to do a lot, because this constituency has gathered the largest number of candidates, at least ten. Starting with the dissident LREM Vincent Leoni, Deputy Mayor of Limoges.

The last MP was Marie-Françoise Perol-Dumont, who was held by the Socialists for a long time, this constituency is marked by a surge in RN. Of the 69 municipalities in Upper Vienna that have brought Marin Le Pen to the forefront, 37 are in the sector. The best chance for RN seems to be here with the investor Albin Freishet, regional adviser and head of RN’s department. Nupes has chosen the young rebellious Manon Menier, who will not be supported by socialist Andrea Bruy, the region’s 1st vice president and mayor of Bessin, who invested in the PS. LR appointed Bellaschon Gilles Toulouse, vice-president of Limoges Metropolis and deputy mayor of Cusa. The Occitan Party is nominated by Nellie Rassat, a medical secretary and newcomer to politics.

1st constituency : Sophie Baudouin-Ubierre, replacement Isabelle Negri (Renaissance), Elizabeth Focon, replacement Isabelle Derosch, replacement (LO), Christian Zhedu, replacement Cyril Luic (RN), Fabien Marche, replacement, Serien Marche, replacement, Serre Reconquests, replacing Serre-Ruffinyak, replacing (LFI-Nupes), David Provo, replacing Louise Amselec Jacquet (Animal Party), Stephanie Tambo, replacing Xavier Reynaud (unlabeled), Jean Valier-Viale, replacing Geraldine Belezi (L)

2nd constituency : Jean-Luc Bonnetreplaced Bertrand Vento (LREM dissident), Jean-Marie Bostreplacement of Benjamin Battistini (LR), Giselle Squarereplacement of Jean-Michel Devo (Reconquest), Cyril Cognerasreplacement of Corinne Guillaume (Occitan Party), Stefan Delotrettreplacement of Emily Rabo (PS-Nupes), Daniel Gendarmean alternative to Micheline Root (Republican and Socialist Left), Sabrina Mingereplacement of Christophe Leschevalier (RN), Claudine Ruzireplacement Monique Chapelle (LO), Sherezada Seiteralternative Jeffrey Paro (Renaissance)

3rd constituency: Antoine Ardanreplacement Josian Lafurcade (Reconquest), Corinne Brossarreplacement of Elizabeth Upton-Desobry (Rural Population Movement), Albin Freichereplacement of Jonathan Willie (RN), Vincent Leonireplaced candidate Valerie Le Norman (LREM dissident), Manon Millerreplacing Eric Fontanillas (LFI-Nupes), Daniel Murnetasreplacement Chantal Danen (LO), Nellie Rassatreplaced Maxim Cayon (Occitan Party), Nazih Sabunereplacement of Ann-Cecil Goven (various center), Geoffroy Sardenalternative Roland Merigu (Renaissance), Gilles Toulousereplacement of Natalie Mezil (LR)

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