LEGO explains how the 75192 Millennium Falcon opened new doors

The LEGO Star Wars team explains the influence and impact of 75192 Millennium Falcon on the wider LEGO portfolio – and how it helped pave the way for the company’s current direction.

When it hit shelves in 2017, the second Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series marked several firsts for the LEGO Group: at the time, it was the largest LEGO set in history and remains the most expensive to this day (now totaling 75313 AT-ATs). However, it is no longer the most intensive LEGO set, as it has been surpassed by the likes of 10276 Colosseum and 10294 Titanic.

However, without the Falcon before them, these kits would probably never have gone into production. When 75192 Millennium Falcon debuted, it was £240 more expensive than the current most expensive set, 75159 Death Star. The giant leap into unprecedented territory was driven by the desire of the LEGO Star Wars team to create the ultimate Millennium Falcon, no matter the cost – and that meant redefining the parameters of LEGO sets in general.

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