LEGO Star Wars and other products on sale, here are the offers that can not be missed!

This will not pass you by, tomorrow we will be on May 4. An important day for all fans of Star Wars, because it is a day dedicated to saga! This is also the day when you can take advantage of many discounts on derived products, and it starts today.

Based on the pun “Let the fourth be with you” (May the power be with you), the day of “Star Wars” – this is another opportunity to celebrate the saga! If you don’t know what to do on this day, it’s time to watch all the series in a row or take wookies, for example, and buy unnecessary LEGO Star Wars kits. No own or different derived products yet. Especially since at the moment the shares are numerous.

Offers from the official LEGO Star Wars store

On the official Lego website we can find the famous set Landspeeder X-34 with Luke Skywalker, which will be sold tomorrow for € 199.99!

Take advantage of the LEGO offer

Please note that you will be eligible for LEGO Star Wars shopping gifts: the Lars Family Homestead Kitchen (40531), offered for more than € 160, the AT-ST (30495) as a gift for more than € 40, or Mandalorian keychain for purchases over 70 euros. Please note that these offers are reserved for VIPS members (free registration on the Lego website).

Other LEGO Star Wars kits are available:

You need to focus on building a LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama. This brick model represents one of the legendary scenes from the movie “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”. Recreate Yoda’s hut in the Dagoba swamps and the wing of the sunken X-wing of Luke Skywalker. Place the minifigures of Yoda and Luke Skywalker, as well as the droid R2-D2. Add the finishing touch by attaching a sign saying, “Do it or not, but don’t try.” »

  • 75330 – LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Rain Diorama for 79.99 euros
  • 75329 – Diorama LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run for 59.99 euros
  • 75339 – LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trash Compactor Diorama for 89.99 euros

Star Wars helmet series in LEGO

The famous series of helmets is also on sale, including the Mandalorian Helmet (7532) for 53.99 euros, Darth Vader’s helmet (75304) for 59.99 euros or even the Scout Trooper helmet (75305) for 44.99 euros!

Take advantage of these suggestions

Imperial light cruiser LEGO Star Wars (75315)

Pamper yourself with this imperial light cruiser, which we see in the 2nd season of “Mandalorian”. It has a bridge that acts as a flight handle, 2 rotating towers with spring-loaded arrows, 2 mini-fighters TIE and a launcher. The hatch facilitates access to the cabin, equipped with a holographic table and storage space for electric binoculars and accessories.

This set includes 5 minifigures: Mandalorets, Kara Dune, Fenek Shand, Moff Gideon, Dark Soldier and Grog, who is also called Baby Yoda. It includes the impulse blaster and spear of the Mandalorian Amban, as well as Moff Gideon’s lightsaber. It is available at FNAC for 20% or 127.99 euros.

I use the offer

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75257)

This Millennium Falcon set is a great challenge for young and old. This brick construction of the iconic Corellian cargo ship has many details, such as rotating upper and lower towers, 2 spring-loaded arrows, a launch pad and a cabin that opens for 2 minifigures. The top panels open, revealing a detailed interior, which makes it a great collector’s item for any fan!

There are 7 Star Wars characters: minifigures of Finn, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Lando Kalrissian and Bulio, as well as droids LEGO R2-D2 and DO, all with accessories and weapons. It is available at a price of 129.99 euros.

I take advantage of the offer

Sneakers Adidas Boba Fett Samba Sarlacc Pit

The Sarlak Cave is proof of Bob Fett’s indestructibility. Follow in his footsteps with a classic silhouette inspired by the color palette of the Sarlakca pit. These Adidas sneakers are available at a price of 100 euros.

Buy this pair of sneakers

Funko POP Star Wars

The Funko POP Star Wars collection allows you to collect different characters of the saga. Each figure is about 9 cm tall and comes in an illustrated box that shows the character. Discover all the Funko figurines dedicated to the Star Wars universe. Count about 15 euros.

Discover the range of Funko Star Wars

Animatron toy Grogu (Baby Yoda)!

He is the cutest character in the series “Star Wars – Mandalorets”. Your children (but also older children) will be able to discover this very realistic animatronic version of Child / Baby Yoda / Grog. More than 40 combinations of sounds and movements are available, including noises of joy and excitement, laughter and chatter. The figure can move his head up and down, move his ears back and forth, open and close his eyes. It also comes with 4 interactive accessories (bowl with tentacles, cookies, gear knob and spoon), and when placed in the hand, it responds with animations and sounds.

Baby Yoda has a 36% discount or € 28.99 for Star Wars at Amazon, a gift that will delight the whole family!

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Smartband vivofit jr. 3

Vivofit jr. 3 is more than just an activity tracker for kids. This is an interactive experience where every child can unlock the exciting new adventures of Star Wars in a parent-run smartphone app. The bracelet is available in two models: Mandalorian or Grogu. Available for 89.99 euros.

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Lego Star Wars: Encyclopedia of Characters

All the characters of the amazing LEGO Star Wars galaxy can be found in this illustrated encyclopedia! All the figures, both the most famous and the rarest, are described in detail in this book: Jedi or Sith, good or bad guys, aliens or droids. The never-before-seen Darth Maul figurine is sold exclusively with this book! Sold at a price of 24.95 euros.

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May the fourth be with you!

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