Life in the company: what to do in the face of an employee’s tricks?

Enjoy the new. Recruiting, like many others. But he quickly understood the company’s codes, and his political intelligence allows him to know all the unspoken, yellow lines and when the chef’s triple espresso becomes vital. The first inquired about the leader’s sleep and workload and offered to take on difficult matters. “Cheese, Marley?” court manner. We might believe this by recalling the firm but discreet interrogation of Louis XIV’s entourage at Versailles to spend a few hours with him in a small committee a few kilometers away. No, the too honest old new one who has already outshone everyone and been promoted. There’s no denying it, the brilliant of the brilliant and always so humble and dedicated. With humor and revenge. However, we are experiencing microslips that were not there at the beginning. Awkward little thoughts. Also less good coffee. He lived by words. That we walk under a raincoat. Which shone like knives. A knife was put in my back the day I saw him having lunch with management, friendly as ever. I exhale, in Caesar mode, with a bad rumble: “Tu quoque mi fili?” “It became my N+1 in the afternoon,” the CEO told me. I was once an eagle.

“Everything that is vague creates opportunities for deviation”

Such a situation should not be. However, how many executives have experienced this, whether in the place of an ambitious streak or in the place of an executive who held on to his position on the day of the tornado? For Nicole Degbo, founder and director of La Cabrik, it all starts with the company leader and her own values. “Anything that is vague creates opportunities for deviation.” The possibility of a coup depends on the leader, on the culture he fills. If he likes to compete among his teams, he will obviously cause disloyalty among employees. “Is everyone’s role clear? What are everyone’s missions?” she asks. The manager must understand, if he is in the company to do or do it is known, what is the place of the political game, whether there is intellectual honesty and court or clan games. He may enter a company with intangible values ​​such as meritocracy, value of work and respect that will be changed by a change in management. He has to bear the consequences: submit or resign. If he integrates a structure with a high turnover of management functions, his mistrust should be maximal. A manager who is the victim of a cunning blow by a strong head must determine whether the latter is protected by his own hierarchy. If he was the victim of a mutiny, he must know at what hierarchical level it was organized and for what reasons. The last possibility: the manager himself is responsible for the problem. “He has to have the courage to understand if what’s happening to him is legal, to have the intellectual honesty to admit if he did the same thing,” Nicole Degbo analyzes. The difference in the attitude towards employees, the excess of authoritarianism, not giving meaning to missions, valuing clientelism or, on the contrary, promoting promotion, fair remuneration – all these are points to which he must respond.

Ending the crisis and proportionality of sanctions

The moment of confrontation with the traitor is coming. “It is necessary to analyze the balance of forces, to check whether there is an interest in calming the situation,” continues the specialist in business transformations. Before summoning him, find out if this person has support and is on a mission, or if he is a hothead who ignores the codes and communication of subordination to his N+1. Have a frank conversation to puncture the pus and see if this behavior is driven by company values ​​or comes from a single person. “Dialogue should be open and we should have a common goal to negotiate.” The proportionality of the sanction will be the result of this meeting, knowing that everyone already knows about this attempted regicide. Sometimes it is enough to remember the rules of loyalty. A manager can grow from this.

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