List of legendary weapons Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Find out where and how to find legendary weapons and armor in Wonderland of Tiny Shadow. Whether they are related to a group of monsters or a certain boss, we will gradually add weapons.

The best weapon in Wonderland of Tiny Shadow

It is important to determine that, strictly speaking, the best weapons do not exist. Many factors can be used to estimate a weapon’s power, but only one is important: to adapt it to your gameplay.

For example, if you are more comfortable using a sight or, conversely, your character is based on melee skills, your needs develop along with your gaming experience.

Thus, we offer you a list below of encountered weapons, without sorting it by power. Thus, the key points that will be highlighted are where to rob them and what are their features that make them unique.

All the legendary weapons in Wonderland of Tiny Shadow:

bandage legendary weapon tiny tina s wonderlands

This list will be updated regularly along with our tests. In addition, the names of the weapons are not translated, they will appear in English in our guide.

Important note: do not rely on the statistics of each weapon, they develop according to the level of the defeated boss. This level depends on the level of your character, so we advise you to create a legendary weapon as soon as you reach a high level.

Legendary guns

Shock bow of the masterpiece

How to get: Unknown

Extremely formidable, this pistol, fused with an arc, fires only one bullet. In case of a critical hit, it automatically recharges and generates 5 shots around the target.

If you play skills based on critical strikes, this weapon will be completely defeated.

masterworck - an impressive legendary weapon in the wonderland of tiny Tina
Note that the values ​​may differ.

Liquid cooling impatience

How to get: Mermaid camp in the desert near the necropolis of Ossu-Gol

The real SMG is bigger than a pistol, it is completely defeated due to its extreme firing speed. It has infinite chargers, stops only by overheating.

In addition, it is ideal for elementary assembly or critical strike.

Liquid cooling of the legendary gun Impatience tiny tina's Wonderlands
Note that the values ​​may differ.

Catatumbo of Striking

How to get: Skeleton camp and cyclops

Between a sniper rifle and a pistol, it is ideal for a critical or elementary strike with its electrical damage.

Its 5x zoom allows you to aim at very, very long distances. After that, the critical strikes are rich, as for the “Hands of Strike”, which provides very high damage to the area if you aim well.

Catatumbo impresses with the legendary gun of the tiny Tina Miracles
Note that the values ​​may differ.

Legendary submachine guns (SMG)

A volley of fog

How to get: Chaos Chamber Award

It ignites your opponents very effectively. This submachine gun is easy to lift, while dramatically increasing the power of the elementary design.

An important note: the more you shoot a weapon, the more accurate it becomes.

a volley of the legendary weapon of the mysterious little Tina Wonders
Note that the values ​​may differ.

Warlock’s rain

How to get: Unknown

Like the Volley of Fog weapon, this legendary weapon is ideal for freezing your opponent.

It very much depends on melee with a target that decreases during shooting. Therefore, it is ideal for basic construction.

legendary weapon rain sorcerers
Note that the values ​​may differ.

Legendary rifles

Reign of Arrows of Striking

How to get: Defeat the black magic eye “

More precisely, he is robbed during the side quest “Diplomatic Relations” against a crab with an eye of black magic.

This weapon throws arrows in a circle, striking against static mobs. Against the authorities, she achieves a real carnage.

However, be careful when buying as much ammunition as you plan to use, as it consumes 7 rounds of ammunition.

legendary arrow weapon
Note that the values ​​may differ.

Legendary sniper rifles

Antique big bow

How to get: Dungeons against types of skeletons

Completely defeated, this sniper increases the damage of the weapon in an incredible way. In addition, the shield increases and returns bullets to the attackers.

His damage also prevails, one of the best, if not the best sniper in Wonderland of Tiny Shadow.

Ancient legendary sniper Tiny Wonderlands GreatBow
Note that the values ​​may differ.

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