Loud Lary Ajust at Club Soda June 9, 2022 – the 10th anniversary of Gullywood

It has been 6 years since Loud Lary Ajust offered his last concert for Francos about 3 months before announcing his divorce to continue his solo career. Last night the trio gave us a successful return!

Photos by Alex Brisson.

One thing is for sure: a lot has changed since the trio last took the stage. in Overhaul, Aloud rap: “I want to be great so I can say, Bitch, I told you so, khan khan.” We can say that today this line acquires a different meaning, because since then his career has exploded. Larry Kidd also enjoys an interesting solo career, but his success has remained among rap fans so far Aloud broke into the pop audience, which is not necessarily a connoisseur of the genre. In short, the situation is no longer the same.

Full house Club Soda

Tickets for the show sold out like hot cakes, and the crowd that gathered in the four walls of Club Soda was one of the regular and real fans. It sang loudly with Larry Kidd and Aloud. The concert began with images projected on a large sheet of paper, behind which two rappers shouted the first cries coming from the room. As soon as the curtain fell, the couple started Overhaul without notice. After that, the duo passed the slalom gullywood which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

One thing strikes in retrospect: the importance of the duo of rappers, who are one of the most popular performers of the 2010 decade in Quebec. We’re still talking about a band that can get enough people together to make Place des Festivals without a single hit on the radio. This is also true for another artist who became popular at the time: Klô Pelgag. No doubt, Loud Lary Adjust left his mark on the Quebec music scene.

Big gang of friends

If there is something that dominates the stage, it is a pleasure to be together. Undoubtedly, the three friends were happy to share one place for the occasion. And the couple was well prepared. It was airtight at the delivery level. Larry Kidd and Aloud uttered their remarks with impressive aplomb for the duo, which was not going to a full concert for 6 years.

Big hits happened there both cereals, Xavier Caffeine, Hero, James Hindman’s money and others from the famous album. The duo did not stop there, releasing parts of the EP Oh my who hit hard like snow crab, That’s OK and more. Loud Lary Adjust also dared BlueVolvo with Nothing more goes, Slow death and keep my drink. We really notice the evolution of the band through these different albums. gullywood it was indeed a time when the couple starved and read the lines roughly and unrestrainedly while she lay quietly while BlueVolvo.

ALL returned to hell, where he struck XOXOand then a bright tribute to Karim Wellett in the interpretation fall. Welle’s widescreen images were designed when the couple spat their strings. It was the perfect way to end the evening, which seemed to be the highlight. For those who were unlucky enough to get a ticket last night, Loud Lary Adjust will be on the stage of the Place des Festivals, closing Francos de Montréal on June 18.

Photo: Alexandra Brisson

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