Louis Bertinyak talks about his relationship with Carla Bruni when she was a minor, a revelation

It’s hard to imagine, but Louis Bertinyak will soon be 70 years old! On this occasion, he decided to publish an autobiography entitled good little story. In this book, he looks back on his career and the great moments of his life. In this way, he talks about his musical career, but also sentimental. Indeed, he experienced a love story with Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, Carla Bruni. We tell you!

Louis Bertinyak and Carla Bruni, a love story of youth

At 68, we can say that Louis Bertinyak is a great legend of the French year. The artist wanted to write down all the events of his life on paper. Fans will be happy to learn about all the jokes of his professional and personal life. His autobiography has a good title. good little story. Of course, he will talk about the arrival of the group’s success Phone in which he played and sang with his friend from adolescence: Jean-Louis Aubert.

Louis Bertinyak in a relationship with his fan in his youth

In addition to devoting himself to his artistic career, Louis Bertinyak also wanted to tell his sentimental stories, especially the story of Carla Bruni. Indeed, the relationship between the two music enthusiasts was when the wife of the former president of the republic was a minor. At the time, she was unknown to the general public and a complete fan of the group.

In an interview with our colleagues from Entertainment televisionLouis Bertinyak explains the following: The first year I didn’t think of her as a bride, more as a little fan“. But months later, their relationship grows into something more intimate. Finally, they had too many differences, and parting for the singer was inevitable: ” I was uncomfortable around him, maybe I had a priori on the rich. And then she was very young, I saw me go back to my childhood, I didn’t like it.

Song, their common hobby

As you know, later Carla Bruni will become a model and singer. He and Louis Bertinyak will remain good friends no matter what. Moreover, when a pretty brunette decides to make music, he even helps her. Indeed, the rocker works on his songs and arranges melodies. Louis Bertinyak even admits that he understands his relationship with former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In fact, here’s what he explains: It’s not very musical, but I realized that it attracts. He is very caring than I was, nor is Jagger, who is worse than me. ” he admits. Carla Bruni loves singers and rockers, to put it mildly, because she also met Mick Jagger. In any case, she radically changed sides by marrying a politician. It seems to suit him, because the couple is still together and they had a baby girl, Julia.

Louis Bertinyak is a proud father of three children

After parting ways with Carla Bruni, Louis Bertinyak found love again in the arms of Julie Delafoss. The couple had two princesses together. The eldest, Loli, who is now 18, and Lily, who is 14. He is currently married to his partner Laettia, who is the mother of his son Jack, who is only 5 years old.

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