Macron says France will “step up” the deployment of military equipment and humanitarian aid

18:42 April 30, 2022, changed to 18:45 April 30, 2022

France will “strengthen” its military and humanitarian aid. On Saturday, the Elysee announced that France was leaving “strengthen” sending military equipment to Ukraine to help Kyiv cope with the Russian-led war. Humanitarian aid will also be strengthened. A press release from the presidency said it was humanitarian aid [s’élève] Today, more than 615 tons of equipment have been delivered, including medical equipment, generators for hospitals, food aid, housing assistance and ambulances. “. The mission of French experts sent to Ukraine to investigate war crimes committed by Russian troops “at the request of the Ukrainian authorities” will also be continued.

Zelensky and Macron’s telephone conversation. The decision was announced after a telephone conversation between re-elected President Emmanuel Macron and his counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. During this call, the President of Ukraine “Thanked France for its supply of large-scale military equipment that promotes Ukrainian resistance”, said in a press release Elysée. In response, the head of state promised this “This support will continue to increase, as will the humanitarian aid provided by France.”. The two men also discussed the blockade of Mariupol, the Russian bombings in Kyiv on Thursday and “France’s readiness to contribute to the agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine.”

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Western military aid is increasing. The announcement came in the context of increased arms supplies from the West, while Ukraine is resisting Russia’s offensive in the Donbass in the east. These weapons are becoming heavier and more offensive than the mostly defensive equipment sent at the beginning of the conflict. On April 22, Emmanuel Macron announced the shipment of anti-tank missiles “Milan” and 12 self-propelled guns “Caesar”. On Tuesday, Germany authorized the supply of about 50 Cheetah anti-aircraft tanks, while the Netherlands said it was providing armored howitzers. On Thursday, the US Congress supported President Joe Biden’s proposal to provide $ 33 billion in aid to Ukraine. “victory in war”including 20 billion defense and offensive military equipment.

Russia calls on NATO to suspend supplies. In an interview with the official New China news agency on Saturday, Russia’s foreign minister called on NATO and the United States to suspend arms supplies if they “Really interested in resolving the Ukrainian crisis”. “Continuous flow of weapons of all kinds came to Ukraine through Poland and other NATO countries”said Sergei Lavrov, adding that the goals of this Russian offensive “It will be achieved despite the obstacles of our opponents.”

Why it matters. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, Western countries have been trying to support Ukraine and end the war without waging it. One fear is that Russia is at war with arms supplies. First of all, France supports the goal of ending the conflict through negotiations, not through the military defeat of one of the two camps. “The Americans are playing the role of ‘bad cop’ by providing leadership in Ukraine’s military support, while the Europeans are more ‘good policemen’ to maintain a line of possible dialogue with Russia, because at some point we need to sit down and discuss.”analyzed in JDD by Marie Dumoulin, responsible for Europe’s program at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

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