martial law and “enhanced” security

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This is a new legislative step in specifying the conflict for the population. The territories annexed by Russia went into martial law at midnight, but the real change is the establishment of two levels of heightened security in Russia. Vladimir Putin also decided to strengthen the monitoring of the logistical support of the army.

from our correspondent in Moscow,

There are currently three levels of security in Russia. In September, martial law of the highest level was introduced in the four annexed regions. Partly a technical measure: Vladimir Putin, in announcing it on Wednesday, recalled that these territories were already under this regime before their annexation. In a word, according to the Russian president, this decree is part of the legislative adaptation related to their integration into the Russian Federation. What does change completely, however, is the introduction of two new modes. For areas bordering Ukraine, such as Belgorod, which is under increasing Ukrainian shelling, as well as in Crimea, it is ” average for all regions of the south and center of Russia, which also includes Moscow and St. Petersburg, this is the lowest level.

There are things we know and things we don’t know in these texts. As with the partial mobilization decree, these new provisions on martial law or heightened security contain parts that are not disclosed to the general public. And these parts for some are written on the basis of secret documents. So, today in the arsenal of the authorities there are a number of unknown measures that can be taken.

The figure of 300,000 men to be mobilized by the end of the month, for example, appears in public speeches and speeches by the president, but its absence from the decree fuels the rumor machine in Russia about new waves of mobilization. The same with the texts released this Wednesday evening. Martial law includes, among other things, a curfew, restrictions on movement, detention for up to thirty days without any reason, internment of foreigners, possible forced relocation to other regions. But this is also mentioned in the third paragraph of the decree: ” Other measures during this period may be applied on the territory of the Russian Federation. A few hours after publication, many specialized lawyers expressed the following opinion: this is a wording that makes it possible to introduce any time, any element of martial law in the region or in the entire country. Including, and this worries the population the most since February 24, the closing of borders. The immediate denial of the Kremlin in the voice of its spokesman: the event is not planned.

The issue of military logistics

Vladimir Putin has also taken steps to provide for the army, setting up a special military coordination council in the coming days to ensure that soldiers don’t need anything. The main task is to check the supply of weapons and equipment. All agencies related to security in Russia will be located there, including internal and external intelligence and, of course, the army.

Vladimir Putin appointed Prime Minister Mykhailo Mishustin as the head of this committee. For eight months, he kept his distance from any debate and exchange of views on military matters, unlike his predecessor. As Dmitry Medvedev completed his hawkish transformation, the head of government focused on the economy and the consequences of sanctions.

During the famous meeting of the Security Council, three days before the start of the conflict, where Vladimir Putin questioned the leaders of the country in turn about the necessity or non-recognition of the pro-Russian separatist republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, Mykhailo Mishustin was thus one of the leaders. few of them offered to continue diplomatic negotiations. This did not prevent him from being sanctioned, and now once a week he will have to report to Vladimir Putin on the state of such a delicate topic of the army’s rear support.

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