MasterChef Jury … on France 2!

After seven years of absence, the MasterChef returns … to France 2. And one of the jury members is unknown to the audience.

[Mis à jour le 26 avril 2022 à 17h47] After disappearing from radar in 2015 on TF1, Chef will return in 2022 … on France 2 !! The channel has just been introduced members of its juryas well as the name of the new host of the program.

That’s how we learn itYves Camdeboardwho has been a member of the jury for four seasons, will again be next to the two-star chef Thierry Marx but also with Georgiana Viu, a former candidate and finalist of the first season, now heads the restaurant red in Nimes. This trio will be complemented by the presenceAgatha Lecaron howleading MasterChef. France 2 has not yet announced a broadcast date, but the show is set to return in September.

The year Yves Camdebord was born in Pau, New Aquitaine, was marked by the victory of the rugby section of Po in the French championship. “The joy and happiness that guide me, I probably felt them in my mother’s womb.” December 7, 1964, whoever invented the concept bistronomy, see the day. His father owns a farm and his mother owns a sausage. Suffice it to say that good foods are regularly on the table.

A young follower of the classic school curriculum, Yves Camdebord left school at age 14, despite two years ahead, to start studying at a small restaurant in his hometown. His father gives him wise advice: “Whatever you do, plumber, cleaner, electrician or cook, do it with passion and in the best possible way.” The emotional lift is quickly established: the first to arrive at the CAP thanks to the omelette he has been practicing for years, he participated in the competition for the best student in France. In the regional qualification he was lucky again, falling on omelets again. In the finale – disappointment, dries on the grill of veal Choisy. But one of the people in charge of the test, Guy Legey, the Ritz’s chef, notices this. The young Bearne was offered an internship in one of the most prestigious kitchens in the capital at the age of 16.


At the Ritz, Yves Camdeboard develops in the spirit of team and competition. It is especially common Christian Constant, the second, who takes him under his wing. For five years, this rugby fan with a Provencal accent was fascinated by the profession of chef: “I found myself in a team where I was important. It was a trigger for me. I started working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. ” In September 1986, an explosive device exploded on Rennes Street, killing seven people and injuring many. The Ritz then fired some of its employees for economic reasons. Yves Camdeboard is one of them. “It was hard for me to accept, but it did me a favor.” He says later.

He worked for three years Influx, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, as the first clerk. Then one day he is recruited Silver tower. He makes sauces there, “But the disappointment was complete.” Luck smiled on him again when Christian Constant was appointed to the post some time later Crillon and invites her to join him. It “Magical experience”, made of sternness and discipline, as well as joy and good humor, will last four years.

In 1990, Yves Camdebord made a breakthrough and founded his own hotel, opening an inn in the 14th, Regalade. For twelve years, he had fun with his team and created a new concept: combining gastronomy with the atmosphere of a beer restaurant. Some call this mixture bistronomy. A label that does not suit the chef, who believes that he does not offer a bistro kitchen, and does not feel like a predecessor: “I just shared what I knew how to do with people who were like me.”

A few years later, in 2003, the chef wanted to embark on new adventures. He sells Régalade and settles with his wife Claudine and their children in Odeon. Now he is behind the plates of the restaurant CounterwithinHotel Le Relais Saint Germain. Parisians abide, and the establishment is sold out. The chef multiplies his experiments and publishes many books. He refuses his restaurant three Avant-Comptoir: Land, Sea and Market.

Today, Yves Camdebord is known to the general public after television appearances. This is not part of the jury Top chefbut with Chef at TF1, which he advised and evaluated in 2010. “Experience helped me in my construction as a chef”. After participating in four seasons on TF1, Yves Camdeboard returned to the jury in 2022 for a new version of the show on France 2.

Chooses someone who is still waiting for his Michelin star Air France in 2016 to work on the business class menu. The following year he received Legion of Honor, as well as the prize “The best hotel atmosphere in Europe” from Relais Saint-Germain. A new challenge awaits in 2018. Viewers reopen it with host Faustina Bollart to present the social magazine At the table: eat great, spend lessin France 2. “Since I’ve been working, my goal has been to cook well for everyone.”, he recalls. The goal has been achieved.

Where are the Yves Camdeborde restaurants?

In central Paris, at the crossroads of the Odeon, Le Comptoir offers lunch at a bistro atmosphereand one gourmet dinnerby reducing the number of location settings. Great freedom of choice for customers who push at this address. Reservations are not possible for the brewery. The map is full local products, as well as proposals for the day. For a gastronomic restaurant, the menu becomes unique, based on noble products. You can book, but it will take a few weeks.


Avant-Comptoir Terre, Mer and Marché are offered in the same area tapas while drinking. You can enjoy oysters, crabs, scallops, chorizo, fried eggs with truffles or gazpacho, depending on the wishes of guests. The originality of the concept seduced the crowd of beautiful areas of the center of the capital.

According to Yves Camdebord, “You need to be able to appreciate eggs, mayonnaise or caviar. Emotions are not about money, they are about taste. This is the very principle of bistronomy, the author of the concept of which he, despite himself, is. It a combination of local flavors and fine cuisine offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, beautiful dishes made of fine porcelain, all decorated with terrines, pickles and rustic bread.

The chef’s kitchen is pinterpretation of gastronomic recipes with less “noble” pieces, such as beef cheek, pork trotter, steak hanger or sardines. The cooking technique is the same as in the palace, but the less glorious cuts allow you to make the menu more accessible to the liking of all gourmets.

For Yves Camdebord, the main thing is that everything was simple. “We don’t cook great food because we mix thousands of flavors: it’s important to find two or three flavors that go well together and be able to cook.”

What are his symbolic recipes?

Yves Camdebord’s television programs and books allowed him to democratize certain recipes and make them available to all cooking students. Among his most famous dishes, beef bourguignon that he made the candidates taste it so they could guess as many ingredients as possible or even foie gras in the microwave is prepared in 10 minutes.

But Béarnais also offers some specialties in its restaurants. So we can enjoy soft cod and smoked salmonapple and celery roundness, parmesan crab, sunflower and pepper espelet, as well confit of veal knuckle made with candied lemonor even a chicken tazhin with turmeric, finely seasoned semolina, kumquat and buckwheat. The hardest to choose.

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