Matt Shackman of WandaVision will direct Apple’s Godzilla series

Matt Shackman will direct the first two episodes of the live action Legendary Godzilla The series is currently being developed on Apple TV +. Shakman is best known for his work on Marvel Wanda’s visiondirector of all nine episodes of the Emmy-nominated Disney + series.

The legendary TV set lit up Godzilla earlier this year in an attempt to expand its popular Monsterverse franchise. For now, the series remains untitled, but will explore the search for answers by one family, as the whole world learns that monsters that were once considered mere myths are very real. It has been confirmed that the series also features the cult giant lizard and hordes of other titans. The synopsis of the show’s plot (via Variety) sounds like this:

After the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that destroyed San Francisco and the new shocking reality that monsters are real, the Monster Universe series will explore the journey of one family to uncover their buried secrets and the legacy that binds them together. with the organization. a secret known as the Monarch. ”

We know very little about Godzilla and the Titans The series, with the exception of a duo of father and son, Kurt and Wyatt Russell, is reportedly negotiating the role of senior and junior versions of a tough soldier, and the show will take place between the events of 2014. Godzilla and 2019 Godzilla: King of Monsters.

in Godzilla and the Titans The series was created by Chris Black (Star Trek: Enterprise, Rogue) and matte fraction (Hawk’s eye). Black will also act as executive producer in addition to the showrunner. As for Matt Shakman, the director is now busy with a real crime series Hulu Immigrantbased on the life of Chippendales founder Somena “Steve” Banerjee, and also involved in Paramount’s Star Trek 4. Shakman is an experienced television director and has worked on some of the greatest shows of this century, including Fargo, Crazy, Six Feet Under, House MD, Game of Thrones, Les Garçons, Imitationand It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. The Apple Godzilla & Titans show is definitely in safe hands.

The release date of the series has not yet been announced, but given Shakman’s tight schedule, the show is likely to begin in the coming months, as Star Trek 4 It has been confirmed that filming will begin by the end of the year.

The success of Godzilla vs. Congo has once again unleashed a legendary universe of monsters

Negative critical and commercial reception Godzilla: King of Monsters nearly derailed in 2019. However, Legendary and Warner Bros. learned a lesson and took care not to repeat the same mistakes Godzilla v. Congo, that is, “not enough kaiju chaos and too many people.”

further, Godzilla v. Congo underwent significant reshaping, which reduced the number of human characters and focused exclusively on the battle between the titled monsters. The result was as follows Godzilla v. Congo became one of the 10 highest-grossing films of 2021, even after it was simultaneously broadcast and shown in cinemas amid a global pandemic. With the return of Adam Wingard, a sequel is being developed, and when it comes to more character-oriented stories, Legendary seems to believe that television is the way to go, and they’re right.

The plight of ordinary people who watch their homes and entire cities fall to the ground will create a truly fascinating drama. Godzilla and other titans are saviors for some, but catastrophic forces of destruction for others. Hopefully, the Apple TV + series will cope better with the different views of humanity on the Titans than previous Monsterverse movies.

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