MCU: 10 best female characters of the fourth phase

Phase 4 of the MCU is close to the middle of his expected three-year tenure, and the perception of his projects has been overwhelmingly positive. The cinematic juggernaut is already showing some cracks in its formula, but phase 4 has been a significant step forward in character development, especially when it comes to female figures.

Indeed, subsequent issues of Fr. Thor: Love and Thunder, Mrs. Marveland She-Hulk is a perfect reminder of how incredible female characters dominated phase 4. Some are new additions to the MCU, and others are a favorite of old fans, but they all add variety and representation in big blockbusters.

ten We invite you – Eternal

As the leader of the Eternal, Ajac holds a place of honor among all the other characters in the MCU. She is a mother in herself, caring for her Eternal Comrades, realizing that she must give them freedom. Played with amazing tenderness by Oscar nominee Salma Hayek, Ajac is crucial to the overall order.

Ajak’s time in the Marvel Universe was short but significant. She was central to the film, and her untimely death left a hole in history. However, MCU has brought other characters back to life, so it is hoped that fans will be able to see Ayaka again in all his spiritual glory.

9 MJ – Spider-Man: Don’t go home

Zendaya has finally received the information she deserves Spider-Man: Don’t go home. My Jay Zendai, who co-starred with Tom Holland, is becoming an integral part of Spidey’s success. In effect, Don’t go home may be the best Spider-Man movie of all time, and MJ is a big reason for that.

Inventive, clever, daring, but never reckless and a true ally of Peter, MJ is a pleasant change of pace, given the role of the girl in the trouble of Mary Jane and Gwen in the prequel trilogy. Her emotional connection with Peter is also stellar, competing with the love between Peter and Gwen amazing spider man movies.

8 Tena – Eternal

Angelina Jolie’s career is full of unforgettable performances. Thanks to her fascinating beauty and her mysterious character, she became a movie star, but her talent turned her into an icon. Jolie’s best qualities as a performer are fully manifested Eternalplays the mighty Tena.

Tena, the suffering warrior of the Mahda Vi’ri, is the fiercest warrior of the Eternal. She has been dealing with mental health issues for most of her life, forming a deep connection with Gilgamesh in the process. Tena carries much of the emotional weight of the film, and Jolie will more than cope with this task, creating one of the most multi-layered characters in the MCU.

7 Maya Lopez / Echo – Falcon’s Eye

Honestly, many felt it Hawk’s eye was an almost memorable record in the ever-expanding MCU. Small and harmless on purpose, Hawk’s eye was elevated by only a few moments and characters, especially Maya Lopez.

Based on the Echo of the Comics character, Maya is Kingpin’s adopted daughter. Hawk’s eye represents her as a young woman seeking revenge on Ronin, the man who killed her biological father. Maya is one of the first known deaf characters in blockbusters, which provides a much-needed performance. Brought up by Alacua Cox’s determined but sensitive game, Maya is a cruel and likeable character, and fans will definitely see her again.

6 Agatha Harkness – Wanda Vision

It was Agatha all the time, or so everyone sang in February 2021. Starring Catherine Khan Agatha is the main antagonist Wanda Vision, a witch with impressive abilities and considerable experience, who decided to steal Wanda’s forces. Pretending to be another victim of the Hexagon, Agatha manipulates events behind the scenes to slowly unravel Wanda’s already fragile psyche.

Wanda Vision was a huge success due to a mix of genres and themes. Khan’s attitude toward Agatha is similarly experimental, adding a touch of camp to her role as a thief. The result is a fun and instantly cult show that contrasts perfectly with Elizabeth Olsen’s view of Wanda. Fans will see Agatha in her spin office again, Agatha: House Harknesspremieres next year.

5 Leila El Fauli is the Knight of the Moon

Moon Knight caused some unpopular thoughts from fans, but the last two episodes offset the initial mixed reception. Leila – Mark’s wife and the actual main woman in the series – played a crucial role throughout the series, proving to be a capable, independent woman who really cares about Mark and, ultimately, Stephen.

Far from being a girl in trouble, Leila was as capable as Mark and as clever as Stephen. When she becomes Taveret’s avatar, her abilities grow exponentially, essentially becoming the first Egyptian MCU superhero. Now known as Scarlett Scarab, Leila’s future at MCU looks bright and promising.

4 Xu-Sialin – Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings

And if we talk about representation, Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings it was a long time. The film introduced several key MCU characters, but few were more important than Xu Xialin, Shang-Chi’s sister, who takes on the Ten Rings at the end of the film.

Strong, vulnerable, slightly bitter, but still determined, Xu Xialin is not only one of the best new heroines in MCU, but also one of the best female figures in modern blockbuster movies. Xu Xialin will undoubtedly play a prominent role in the future of the MCU, and fans are already looking forward to her interaction with other characters.

3 Olena Belova – Black Widow / Falcon’s Eye

It was difficult for Natasha Romanova to act, but Olena Belova did it. Elena is Natasha’s dry and sarcastic younger sister and the new black widow of the MCU, played by Oscar nominee Florence Pew.

Elevated by Pew’s gentle and rude play, Elena was the star of both MCU projects in which she has participated so far. Her personality is unlike any other female figure in the Marvel Universe, which makes her even more memorable. Elena and Pew have the potential to be a major part of the next Avengers list, and it would be difficult to say otherwise.

2 Sylvie Loki

Loki did everything on the concept of a multiverse, presenting several variants of the mischievous nature of the name. However, Sylvia takes an honorable place, acting as the driving force of the show. The sorceress who has been running away from VAT for years, Sylvia is Loki, who is tired of being Loki.

Sylvie’s relationship with Loki is also one of the boldest and most intriguing storylines at MCU. His determination and willpower are as impressive as his magical power. Sylvie is Loki’s best option and a new exciting character who, as fans know, can change the MCU.

1 Wanda Maximoff / The Red Witch – WandaVision / Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness

Wanda debuted at MCU eight years ago, and although she was a popular and powerful member of the team, she did become her own in Phase 4. Accepting her Scarlet Witch identity and her magic of chaos, MCU allowed Wanda to explore the dark side of her personality. His emotional trauma also received much-needed development, creating the most multi-layered image of any character in the MCU.

Brilliantly played by Elizabeth Olsen, the Red Witch is a figure unlike any other in the Marvel universe. Broken and trying to overcome the pain, Wanda endured more pain than most people will experience in their lifetime. Fans can’t wait to see where Alan the Witch will appear next, but one thing is for sure: her place among the main characters of the MCU is unquestionable.

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