MCU: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson’s Friendship

D23 brought a lot of exciting new announcements, including an update for Marvel’s Captain America: New World Order Phase 5. After the Falcon and the Winter Soldier gained recognition and popularity, fans are looking forward to continuing the story in the film, but above all, expect the return of the dynamic duo: Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson.

Bucky and Sam have won fans over with their constant banter and arch BFF enemies. Hopefully, this will be seen again in Season 2 of their series, if not in the fourth Captain America movie. Until then, there are countless memes that remind fans of their complicated and endearing friendship.

10 unforgettable first impressions

With their adorable home life and bonding moments in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it’s sometimes all too easy to forget where Sam and Bucky started. Fortunately, this meme posted by Redditor Nightshire reminds fans that the two started out on an unhappy and hostile relationship in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

While Bucky was still a brainwashed Winter Soldier, Sam was Steve’s trusted new friend, and while the initial animosity died down, it lingered in their relationship, especially during the Civil War.

9 He is from another time

While there are many quotes that perfectly describe Bucky Barnes as a character, the fact that he announces that he read The Hobbit when it was first published not only defines Bucky, but also how he contrasts with Sam.

Posted by Redditor RebelliousFriend, this meme not only highlights how nerdy Bucky is, but also how old-fashioned and ancient he is compared to Sam’s young, suave and modern personality. Not to mention how he perfectly sums up the vibe of wisdom and condescension from Bucky through Aslan.

8 Easy jealousy

While Bucky will undoubtedly become one of Sam Wilson’s top 10 best friends in the MCU, the only thing they have in common at first is their devotion to Steve.

Considering he’s known Steve longer and thus has more history with him, it’s only natural that a part of Bucky expected, or at least half wanted, to be conveyed on the shield, an emotion hilariously conveyed in this meme shared by Redditor Scoopski-Potatoes. In the end, even Bucky argued that Sam was the better choice.

7 Now that there is no ceiling…

While Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have the best friendship in the MCU, they had to say goodbye at the end of the Infinity Saga, after Steve moved in with Peggy in Endgame.

So Bucky had an opening for a new best friend, and there was no one more qualified than his old friend who he somewhat loathed, Sam Wilson, as shown in this meme posted by Redditor jodibwithoutane. Although many other factors bind them together, the mutual loss of Steve brings them closer than ever.

6 Revenge

A big part of what makes Steve and Bucky’s friendship so adored by MCU fans is that they constantly fight and torment each other while supporting each other.

While this love-hate friendship is somewhat portrayed in Civil War, it reaches its highest point in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, especially in the scene where Bucky takes revenge for Sam’s comical audacity years ago, as demonstrated by this a reddit user. Also, this meme highlights how much history these two have.

5 Pettiness

Sam and Bucky may have one of the best friends in the MCU, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also have the worst relationship in the MCU.

As this meme shared by @buckyxsebstan points out, you can expect them to act very childish when around each other, constantly getting on each other’s nerves over minor inconveniences. “They are talking. Of course, this little factor only adds to their powerful and interesting duo.

4 It is difficult

The relationship between Sam and Bucky was always uncertain and complicated before becoming something more concrete and reliable at the end of their first season.

As this crossover meme posted by @multiverse._.of_.memeness shows, the two were often on different pages, with Bucky considering Sam his friend and Sam insisting they weren’t. Although Sam considered Bucky a friend deep down, his refusal to define the relationship was an amusing pivotal moment for them.

3 Growth

While Sam tries to acknowledge his close friendship with Bucky, Bucky’s refusal to give up on Sam and his constant reminder that Steve gave him the shield for a reason ultimately wears Sam down, as seen in this post from @avengersxaesthetics.

Sam goes from insisting they’re not partners to Sam and Bucky finally openly calling each other partners, emphasizing how their relationship has grown over the years and even in the series.

2 Minding my own business

While Sam and Bucky face their own battles and deal with many important political issues in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, their storyline is very different from some of the other Phase 4 episodes, as seen in this Friends x MCU crossover meme by @ avengersxaesthetics.

After surviving the loss they both suffered, the two accept each other’s company in a quieter and more peaceful family life as friends, healing and reuniting the bond they both desperately need.

1 discreet BFF

For all their jokes and sarcastic remarks about each other, at the end of the day, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are definitely friendship goals, as @buckyxsebstan shows.

They keep each other grounded, inspire each other, remind each other to uphold Steve’s legacy, and push each other to be the best version of themselves. Also, they explain to each other why they should stick together and fight, no matter how much they lose or endure, just like true friends do.

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