MCU: 10 times the heroes could be skulls

Warning: spoilers about Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are ahead!

Following Secret invasion The Disney + series will feature a popular MCU comic storyline. The plot will be about Nick Fury’s attempts to prevent a group of Skrulls from capturing Earth with their ability to change shape.

The show will undoubtedly make fans think about which characters are themselves and which are simply disguised Skrulls. But it’s also possible that the Skrulls have already pretended to be some MCU heroes in some of their past performances without the knowledge of fans.

ten Nick Fury

At the end of Spider-Man: Away from home, it is confirmed that Nick Fury’s ally Scrull Talos pretended to be him on Earth when Fury himself was in space. It was an interesting discovery that immediately made fans think about when exactly this change was made.

But some fans, focused on the details, noted an interesting point Captain Marvel where Fury insists he can’t eat toast cut diagonally. However, when Fury returns from hiding The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see him cut the sandwich diagonally. This is such a small detail that can suggest something more.

9 Bruce Benner

Until Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings was a fun one-on-one adventure to introduce the new MCU hero, it also had some fun episodes. In a scene in the middle of the captions, Shang-Chi discusses the origins of the Ten Rings with Captain Marvel and Bruce Benner using a hologram.

However, when Banner was last seen, he was in the form of the Smart Hulk and seemed to intend to stay that way. Seeing Banner in human form could mean that he was in fact a Skrull, and the werewolf thought it would be easier to pretend to be human than Hulk.

8 Kingo

Eternal introduced many new characters to the MCU, but Kingo stood out as the kidnapper of the film’s scene. The space warrior, who became a Bollywood star, was a vital member of the team, but he also made an amazing decision in the last act.

When Icarus reveals his plans to allow the appearance to take place, Kingo decides he’s right and sits down for the final battle. He then returns to the finals to reunite with his friends. But when Kingo suddenly leaves and then returns without his reliable valet Karun, it raises the question of Kingo.

7 James “Roddy” Rhodes

Roddy will soon be the headliner of his own solo series on Disney + Armored wars. But for the first time he briefly appeared in another series, Falcon and winter soldier. Rowdy appears in only one scene, supporting Sam Wilson as he passes the Captain of America shield.

The fact that Roddy appears and then disappears so quickly, without interfering in the military operation at the center of the series, may indicate that it was not Roddy. Perhaps the Skrulls are trying to influence someone to inherit the new title of Captain America.

6 Secretary Ross

After his debut at MCU’s The Incredible HulkRoss returned Captain America: Civil War and became a constant thorn in the side of the Avengers. He imprisoned several heroes for violating the Sokowa Accords and even sought the arrest of Steve Rogers, despite Thanos’ upcoming attack on The Avengers: Infinity War.

Despite this, Ross was an unexpected guest at Tony Stark’s funeral. He and Stark never seemed to love each other very much, so it was a little strange to see him there. This may indicate that Ross is Skrull. Unfortunately, after the death of actor William Hert, Ross will most likely not be seen at MCU in the future.

5 Darcy Lewis

Although some fans considered Darcy Lewis an underestimated supporting character in the MCU, her return to Wanda Vision as if redeemed by character. She was a fun, smart and useful helper for the characters, and it will be interesting to see where she comes next.

The last time Darcy saw him help the heroes defeat the corrupt director Hayward in Westview, but he suddenly disappeared from the climax. It turned out that Skrull pretended to be a SWORD agent during the Westview raid, so it is possible that Darcy was among them.

4 Chavez America

Although she only debuted at Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness, America Chavez is already a new favorite character of the MCU. The culmination of the film is that she is finally gaining control of her ability to travel in the multiverse, so it makes sense for her to go in search of the mothers she lost many years ago.

Instead, they see America learning to become a magician in Kamar Taji. It is possible that this America is actually Skrull, who seeks to penetrate the powerful order of sorcery. This may explain why America struggled with its magical abilities.

3 Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan was a useful ally of Peter Parker in the solo Spiderman movies. But their final scene together Spider-Man: Don’t go home it was sad. After Peter Parker’s memory was erased from the world, they met at Aunt May’s grave.

Although Happy does not know who Peter is, Skrull could follow Spider-Man and use this opportunity to get closer to him in hopes of replacing him. This would help explain the coincidence of their presence in the cemetery at the same time.

2 Nakia

When Nakia was introduced to Black Panthershe was content to live outside Wakanda and help people as soldiers. At the end of the film, she agrees to stay with T’Challa, but unlike the other characters Black Panthersince then it has not appeared in the MCU.

If Nakiya was Skrull at the end Black Panther, this would help explain her changing views, as well as why she did not help her compatriots from Wakanda in other conflicts. It would also make sense for the Skrulls to want to break into Wakanda’s developed society.

1 Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter proved to be a brave and heroic supporting character who was more than willing to fight for what she believed in, even if it put her at risk. So many fans were surprised when she turned out to be an evil Powerbroker Falcon and winter soldier.

As explained in the show, she was outlawed after the help of Steve Rogers Captain America: Civil War. But it would make a lot more sense if it weren’t for Sharon Carter. It would also be an interesting way to connect a Disney + show.

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