Medals and victories of Pays Aiglon Football Club (FCPA)

The winning U18 team after the match against Alençon. © DR

FCPA Plateau U7 had a meeting on Wednesday 12 October in Touruvre (Orne). It was their first set this year. Led by Fanny Birrien, the two teams took part in Magic Ball, Challenge Ligue1 and matches. At the end, the parents formed a guard of honor for all the teams to leave and handed the children medals. They returned home with a smile, and the club highlights “their exemplary attitude”. He also thanks the Tourouvre club for the reception and organization.

Unrealized opportunities

U12 played two friendly matches. The first match was against the Aiglon team against the Verneuil team. The match was under the control of the U12s with good phases of the game. After an action well built by the whole team in one touch of the ball, the player Maxens finished the job with a well placed ball. In one of the rare real moments, “Vernay” equalized the score. They went on the attack with a good move that allowed Lorenzo to finish in style to make it 2-1. The club regrets that there were “many other unrealized opportunities”.

Game 2 against Roman U13s was a bit tougher and tougher, but the U12s got the job done. Charlie scored the winning goal before the team proved more solid in their defence. FCPA de l’Aigle thanks the opponents for this good match.

2-1 to Khaled’s U13s

For their first match on the field at 11, Khaled’s U13s traveled to Rugles in a friendly, taking advantage of the district standings. The club “saw very good things from their players” with “very good phases of collective play, especially in the first half”. According to him, the work on the game for 8 contributed to the success, which helped them a lot. 2-1 win for U13s Khaled vs U15s US Rugles-Lyre in a friendly game at 11.

The county has postponed all meetings for this weekend, with only Mehdi Afif’s U18s on deck this Saturday 15th October. Facing a team from American Alanson capable of beating Vire in the league, it was a question of playing a serious and persistent match to climb up the standings. Nathan Buisson’s partners started the match in the best possible way. They mobilized the ball and every moment pressed the opponent of the day.

2 Alençon in the dressing room

Enzo Noel’s header allows his partners to take the lead, but the prefects equalise. Taking advantage of a goal in the opponent’s goal, the “eagles” took the lead again before the break. The visitors threatened in the second half, but the Aeglon defense remained alert. Noah Gonsalves will celebrate the goal of the break with a very beautiful shot from 30 meters. But soon the visitors caught on. The locals, full of energy, did well towards the end of the match, showing that they are dangerous, with Antoine Coudorge and Melvin Sedil in particular. The two players committed opposing referee-sanctioned fouls, forcing the two Alansons to be sent back to the locker room.

The fourth day of the championship saw R2 face Mezidon, a resident who is on the same course as the Eagles in this start of the championship, with 1 loss, 1 draw and a win. There was no observation round with proactive visitors. as soon as they are hired. The answer came immediately with Roman Pellegrino, who found a partner in the youth team, and Walid El-Hasnaoui, who shifted to the right.

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Tom Giraldin knows how to shoot but prefers to center Alan Bayon who opens the scoring. Between 36-38 minutes, yellow and blue could take a break. Larbi Chelgaf takes a shot that beats the home keeper, but the crossbar saves the visitors. In the next minute, Alan for Tom, who spawns for a trip by Paul Girard, who sees the opposition keeper save him in the final shot.

A goal in the 41st minute

At the corner, this same Paul sees his head find the frame nearby. Instead of returning to the locker room at halftime, the Eagles conceded a goal in the 41st minute. In the second period, the visitors will show good intentions by controlling the debate a little more.

From the 51st minute, a generous penalty would have allowed them to take the lead, but Lucas Desplanck saved the score, stopping the initiative of the 10th opponent. This meeting can turn in favor of both teams, or even end with an even score.

That’s not counting the great resources late in the match from Arlsan Altin’s partners pushing and the latter sees a corner well taken at the far post by Walid El-Hasnaoui who thus offers 3 precious points to the whole team. Next reception next weekend with the arrival of Mondeville, a certain Medi Lecrae.

Player Nolan Peschet completed the training for novice referees and passed the test this Saturday at the county headquarters in Alençon.

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