MH Rise Sunbreak: Gore Magala from MH4 is back with other monsters

The release of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is very soon, you can play it on PC and Switch on June 30. This is the first paid DLC to introduce a new base, at least two new regions, a Master Rank difficulty level and many new monsters. Convenience improvements and new features such as single hunting with a teammate controlled by artificial intelligence are also planned, so this is an extension that seems to be going to consolidate the licensing recipe in several ways.

During the 10 minutes of the game during the Capcom Showcase, there were a lot of announcements, which clearly shows that the expansion should be rich. Here is a list of the latest additions:

Gore Magala

This iconic monster is one of the boxes of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and it was central to its history. This “false” blind ancient dragon is incredibly cruel and aggressive, in addition to these dragon explosions and his furious regime, during which he unfolds his tendrils, he has the ability to spread a deadly virus, the virus of rage. An infected hunter must quickly cause damage or be significantly vulnerable to damage over a long period of time. If he manages to do enough damage, it will instead become a bonus, in other words, he rewards a good game.

One of the charms of Gore Magala is that it also infects other monsters, giving you the right to hunt even stronger than usual, angry monsters. And the monsters that manage to overcome the disease become defeated monsters of the top. As a result, Gore Magala should help implement one or more systems similar to Monster Hunter World Alpha.

In addition, we must not forget the adult form of the Magala Mountains, the real ancient dragon Shagar Magala. It has already been a tough and intense struggle on the 3DS, the current version and rank of Master promises to be intense if it exists.

New monsters on the way

Other monsters appeared yesterday, the most notable of which isEspinas, a flying weaver, derived from the Monster Hunter Frontier, a non-existent MMO Monster Hunter. Fans of this game should be happy to see that it is finally recognized by popular games. A simplified way to describe this monster is to compare it to Ratian, full of thorns. But his fighting style and movements are different, and much more brutal.

Rise of a monster hunter

Since Shogun Hermitaur is present, it would be strange if there was no basic giant crab. Hermitage Daimyo there. He uses the skull of a monoblock as a shell, and the combination of his claws, jets of water and atypical movements (he walks a crab) makes him an interesting opponent, different from ordinary wyverns.

Rise of a monster hunter

The Rakna-Kadaki variation is also debuting. The manager of Sunbreak should be Megumim, given his love of explosions. After the orange Bishaten, which launches explosive pine cones, here is Rakna-Kadaki, which launches explosive spiders with its silk threads.

Rise of a monster hunter

New region: Jungle

This classic card is presented in the old Monster Hunter games, starting with the second part, in Monster Hunter Rise. This overgrown island returns in uniform, with heights, dungeons and ruins to explore. This will be the scene of many battles in expansion. It is really reassuring that several cards have been added, only one would be very few. I hope this will not be the only way out.

Tomorrow you will be able to play a demo version on Switch and PC

Finally, a free demo will be available from June 15 on Steam and Switch to help you wait. Like the previous demonstration, it will include 14 weapons and several monsters to hunt at different levels of the game. Confident players will be able to play Astalos. As for the berserkers, who like to suffer and accept challenges, they will face an extended limited time battle against Malzeno. The principle is the same as during the demonstration against Magnamalo, and to win will require a lot of training and a good level of play. All 4 hunts in the demo version take place in the jungle, so you can freely explore the new area.

While you’re waiting for the release, you can also check out our preview of the extension, as we’ve been able to play it for hours.

Released on March 26, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise is constantly updated for over a year, and this is a major extension that will be released in late June next year under the name Sunbreak. We were able to play it, and we give you our opinion after a few searches!

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