Miss Marvel will play a cameo in the Avengers scene as Iron Man and Captain America

Mrs. Marvel Saagar stars Sheikh and Rish Shah said they hid episodes in the AvengerCon scene from the series’ premiere episode. Sheikh plays Kamala’s brother Khan, Amir, and Shah plays Kamala’s beloved, Kamran. Iman Vellani plays a young hero from the upcoming Disney + series who loves Avengers.

As one of Marvel’s new heroes, Kamala Khan (Vellani) is a high school student who grew up admiring the impressive deeds of MCU heroes, and Marvel Captain Brie Larson is the Avenger she admires most. As seen through the heroes of cosplayers and Rogers: Musical Hawk’s eye, the heroes have their own fan bases, which can be seen in the Avengers Miss Marvel. The convention features statues and exhibits dedicated to MCU fans who are visited by fans such as Kamala.

In an exclusive interview with Complaints on the screen, Sheikh said that he and Shah appeared on the stage of AvengersCon in the first episode of the series, dressed as the two best Marvel characters. Asked if fans would be able to recognize them, the actor confirmed that their scene was part of the latest version of the episode. The sheikh said he was dressed as Iron Man, Shah was dressed as Captain America, and Shah showed that they were both impressed with the AvengerCon set. See the answers of the two actors below.

Saagar Sheikh: I haven’t told anyone yet, but I cosplayed at AvengerCon in the first episode. I did it. I really wanted to be there, so that day I did some preparation and put on the Iron Man outfit. It was me and Rish. We didn’t tell anyone.

Can we see you in the episode?

Saagar Sheikh: Yes, you can. We’ve done the final editing. That’s when Kamala and Bruno realize that Kamala left her gloves in the bathroom. Behind it is only a small box of Iron Man, and next to me a box of Captain America. This is the first time you’ve heard it here, people!

Rish Shah: Saagar and I visited AvengerCon in a small sporadic situation because we were so obsessed with the set that we wanted to be a part of it. So, we were dressed somewhere out there. This is similar to the situation when Wally is at this stage. So we have to try to see if people can understand that.

As can be seen in Mrs. MarvelKamala’s superhero debut fandom trailer will be adapted for her appearance at MCU, and the young heroine will create her own Captain Marvel cosplay for the convention. In an April interview, Marvel co-author Sana Amanat said Vellani perfectly embodies Kamala’s fascination with superheroes because of her own love of the Marvel universe. Amanat said that the star gave him a tour of his own collection of Avengers, and a huge amount of goods impressed the creator of the character.

Seeing the avenger’s cultural influence on the world, Mrs. Marvel designed to give fans a better view of the universe from the point of view of fans in the universe. Not only did AvengersCon become a favorite member of Sheikh and Shah, but Marvel President Kevin Faigy was tempted to create a proper conference inspired by AvengersCon. The scene promises to be one of the most memorable scenes Mrs. Marvel when it debuts on June 8, and now fans can follow the surprises from Sheikh and Shah.

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