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Mongoose and Crab are two great friends who lived in complete harmony.

To strengthen their friendship, they decided to sign a contract that neither of them should insult the other.

Thus the mongoose, who is a very cunning beast, never dared to set a trap for his friend the Crab, and the Crab himself never dared to harm his beautiful friend with his claws. That was the deal they made.

But one Saturday morning, when the Mongoose was about to take his morning exercise, she was surprised to hear a group of people talking about the Crab, whom they praised! They certainly talked about the Crab’s wonderful gait and its beautiful and powerful claws.

Mongoose’s jealousy rose in her like a wave. She then decided to break the non-aggression pact and devised a plan.

When her plan was implemented, Mongoose knocked on the door of his friend Crab, inviting him to eat a delicious meal that she herself had taken care of preparing.

Mongoose: “Crab, Crab, my friend! »

Crab: “Hello, my dear Mongoose. why are you so happy Do you have a surprise for me? »

Mongoose: – I have prepared a treat for you, a very spicy fish soup, as you like it. I can’t wait for you to taste it. Come on, hurry up…”

Without wasting a moment, Crab put on his shorts and left with Mongoose.

When she got home, she took out a large pot of food and said to the Crab:

Mongoose “Today is a holiday. Come on, wash your hands and enjoy, eat, my friend. »

The cunning Mongoose dips its first paw into a boiling pot, as if for example, and comes out with large pieces of fish.

The crab follows suit and sinks its claws into it. But immediately turns red.

Not backing down from his plan, Mongoose takes a second portion of fish and encourages Crab to follow suit.

Mongoose “go, go, go, go, your turn!” »

Naive Crab dipped the second pincer into the hot liquid. It becomes crimson like the first one.

Just then, the Mongoose swoops down on the Crab’s boiled claw and bites it.

The Crab finally realizes that he is in danger, he tries to escape, but the Mongoose catches him, throws him whole into the soup and eats him.

Very pleased with the unpleasant trick she had just played, the Mongoose came out of her cabin and beat her chest, saying:

Mongoose: “Where have the beautiful claws of the crab gone now?” In my stomach, ha ha ha ha! I am the most cunning of all animals! »

It was from that day that the crab became very suspicious. When he comes out of his hole, he hardly feels the presence of others, and quickly runs to hide, he no longer trusts even his own shadow.

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