Monster Hunter Rise Guide – How to defeat Daimyo Hermitaur, Blood Orange Bishaten and Garangolm

Daimyo Hermitaur is the first new monster encountered at the beginning Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun. Although technically not a high-ranked monster (it’s a 7-star high-ranked speed quest), this giant crab enemy has considerable power. It is immune to Dragon and Water damage, takes Water damage (which can cause a Water burn), and is weak against Thunder. It is also susceptible to the poison associated with Thunderblight, Blast, and Fireblight.

When fighting Daimyo Hermitaur, you’ll quickly notice that his only real weakness is his head. While carapace and claws can be damaged with blunt weapons, aiming for the head is the best strategy regardless of weapon type for maximum damage. Although he has several different attacks, many of them are quite telegraphic.

For example, he will burrow into the ground and emerge immediately or after several attacks. Be very careful using Wirebug Fall during this time – if you get too close, the next attack can catch you off guard. Other attacks include jumping in and off the ground to grab the opponent with its claws. He can also quickly dash forward to slash with both claws and leap into the air before landing with a giant kick.

Be careful when attacking from the sides as the Daimyo Hermitaur will automatically claw back. He also shoots a water beam from a distance and starts moving sideways, shooting continuously. The best opportunity to attack is when he covers his face behind both claws. Attacks in this situation usually result in a monster counterattack. However, using a sonic bomb will stun him and open up openings.

After the defeat of Daimyo Hermitaurus, he goes to Elgado and the journey to Master level begins in earnest.

How to beat a blood orange bishaten

Blood Orange Bishaten is a subspecies of Bishaten, so many of its moves will be somewhat similar. However, instead of collecting various fruits and applying status effects like poison, it’s all about burning pine cones. To that end, it resists Fire and Dragon elements, deals high damage to Fire, and is weak against Water. His two main weaknesses are his tail and his head. Doing enough damage while he’s on his tail can cause knockdowns and create gaps. Sharp damage is the most effective. Useful ailments include Blast and Waterflight.

Otherwise, a large part of this fight will be dodging the many burning and exploding pine cones. Some attacks, like grabbing a pinecone with your tail and spinning forward to deal damage, are made even more dangerous by the explosions. You should also watch out for when he grabs two pine cones and starts spinning on his tail. When the pine cones are released, they also spin in a circle for a short period of time.

However, his most dangerous attack is his fire breath. When you see a Blood Orange Bishaten standing on its feet and looking up, step aside. At this level, damage can be borne by the player. Fortunately, this creates a large enough opening for you to deal significant damage.

Other moves such as tail kicks, hitting the ground with two pinecones in hand to create explosions, and dashing while spinning are very similar to how Bishaten normally acts. Keep a safe distance and study his movements for an opening, then attack when the opportunity presents itself and he should go down quickly.

How to defeat Garanholm

Garanholm is one of the Three Lords, a trio of monsters wreaking havoc in a new region outside the Elgado outpost. It may be the weakest of them all, but go in without respecting its damage and you’ll pay for it.

Garangholm relies on brute strength, but as the fight goes on, he can transform his weapons to deal Fire and Water damage (which deal Fire Glimmer and Water Corruption respectively). It resists water and dragon elements, but is weak to thunder. Thunderblight, Fireblight, and Blast are effective evils to deal with. In terms of weaknesses, the head is good for slashing and shot weapons, followed by his arms.

Basically, you’ll want to punch his face as much as possible during the fight, as this can interrupt some attacks. First things to look out for is his Boulder Throw – he can hit the ground and pick up a boulder or three with his fist out. Garanholm can also stick both hands into the ground and throw a huge boulder, charge at you, hit the ground several times and jump before punching.

Often it will jump up as if it is about to explode, but will land behind you before launching another attack. Be careful when he’s enraged as his attacks are faster, though this gives you more opportunities to headbutt him. His strongest attack is a kick that lifts boulders he lands on and then ignites them for a powerful explosion. Your best bet is to run or dive to avoid massive damage.

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun available for PC and Nintendo Switch. To learn more, check out our official walkthrough here, and stay tuned for more on how to defeat the other new monsters.

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