MontanaBlack helps out a low-income fan – he even ditches EliasN97 for it

MontanaBlack always cares about the underprivileged. A Twitch streamer from Buxtehude now wants to grant the teenager’s wish.

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Buxtehude – You can think of Montana Black as you like, but he’s a man of principle. The Twitch streamer regularly makes headlines for his charity work, and when he makes a promise, he keeps his word. Back in July, he reacted to a video about the harm of alcohol during pregnancy and offered help to a young man. Now he wants to visit this boy, which also attracts the attention of television.

MontanaBlack: After the reaction to the SternTV report, the streamer wants the boy’s wishes to come true

This happened: Already in July, MontanaBlack and their fans reacted live to the SternTV report. The main topic was children and adolescents whose health was affected by their mother’s alcohol consumption even before birth. The case with a boy named Benjamin was particularly liked by the streamer and his community, who were impressed by his mature attitude to his situation. So MontanaBlack reached out to Benjamin personally on air.

Monte wanted to please the boy: After listening to Benjamin’s story, Monte said that he would like to grant the boy a wish, whatever it may be. It looks like they were indeed able to connect, as in the August 12th stream, Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris shared that he had received several wishes from Benjamin and wanted to visit him in Berlin soon.

This visit is also the reason why Monte will not participate in the next Eligal Cup organized by the “creator” and influencer of the 2022 youth elections, EliasN97. He was supposed to participate, but because the two dates didn’t match, he deliberately opts out of the backyard soccer tournament so he can meet a fan.

MontanaBlack: Benjamin’s visit should be televised – reports SternTV

Everything will be live on SternTV soon: The campaign was launched by the editors of SternTV, among others. After all, MontanaBlack himself had previously been in contact with Stern, where he once appeared on the show. Thus, the RTL broadcast obviously wants to talk about the meeting between Benjamin and the streamer and invite the latter to their studio. MontanaBlack has not revealed Benjamin’s exact wishes, and it is not yet known when the report will air on SternTV.

MontanaBlack next to the SternTV logo

MontanaBlack believes in the good of its community: For Monte, the visit to Benjamin and SternTV is not just a marketing campaign. It is especially important for a streamer to publicly and actively oppose harassment. He adds: “.If I present myself as someone who has a particularly strong influence on young people, I take that to heart.. Whether the parents drink alcohol during pregnancy, knowingly or unknowingly, is one thing. But the fact that these kids then face bullying at school when they had nothing to do with it is clearly disgusting to MontanaBlack.

This isn’t the first time Marcel Eris has used his influence to make a positive impact. Just a few months ago, MontanaBlack and his fans made a gesture against poverty by raising funds together for a young beneficiary with a minimum income to insert.

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