Montner / Domaine de Mont Noir: join the fruit picking festival

It became a ritual. Interrupted by a health crisis, here’s a holiday fruit set at Domaine Mont Noir. Tying the fruit, this is the moment when the grape flower turns into a fruit. Or, when you plunge your head into the vine, this special scent already intoxicates your senses, keeping the measure of the mind

Upon his return, this party will receive all the best marks. Undoubtedly, it was skillfully led by Jean-Luc Harrig with the help of his precious supporters, Anthony, Raine and Romain. It is the latter, at least we think so, who constantly breathes this Catalan note, so dear to his heart and ours. But for this new edition, this newly opened party, it had a special resonance. It was the discovery of the Domain Cellar.

It’s been fifteen years

The Mont Noir domain has been around for fifteen years. In fact, it is time to move from adolescence to adulthood. This decision was made by creating a private cellar Domain. Tanks in place. The remnants of the previous harvest were placed. Looking forward to the new harvest. Promising, we will hope that she will be able to reward the work done when she reaches the end. Eventually, thanks to the efforts of the estate, the perseverance of the project managers, their perseverance, all the economic value of the Agla Valley through viticulture will be strengthened and multiplied. When the winegrower wins, the whole profession moves forward. So complete success!

new labels

It is the artist who signs these works, Ben Kayou, who was commissioned to create new labels. A tattoo artist, a monumentalist, he is already well known and dexterity in his art has been noticed by many professionals in all fields. So you can recognize, depending on the cuvette, the Bonelli eagle, associated with a powerful red color. A turtle with her gorgeous red dress. Or the short-tailed eagle-snake and its bright red.

Catalan resonance in the cellar

Milestones have been identified from the very beginning. The basement will be part of this desire to live with this Catalan spirit attached to the body. Knowing how to connect the economy with culture is real know-how. It is also a testament to the extraordinary maturity of those who realize that in order to exist, to move forward, to persuade, it is necessary to revive their roots. In addition, the Catalan people are famous for their art of trade. Therefore, the Domain Mont Noir cannot lie about this old way of life. Over the centuries, this has become an indisputable reality.
Therefore, the most natural thing in the world is that the North Catalan singer Leslie Malet Salvador came to revive today with a concert that was appreciated by all participants. It was enough to make sure to look into the misty eyes of the happiness of the participants.
That’s why Leslie interpreted a rich and varied program, where songs and music follow one another, honoring authors from the north and south of Catalonia. In this way, we were able to submit again El Cant dels Ocellswhich is a traditional song, but also, of course, the author Santa Espina.
It was with the help of bubbles from the vineyard of Ain, from the estate of Lingot Martin, it was possible to start an aperitif.

Free up space for good food

The most natural thing in the world is that the aperitif continues to taste our kargolada accompanied by the inevitable aioli. Let’s be honest! She had to please more than four. Among them were Alain and Veronica, who came from Arles-sur-Tech. Continuing the discussion, the guests are ready for a meal skillfully prepared by Christophe and his team in Al Caso de la Farga. Thus, the menu with bread and tomatoes, serrano, manchego and, of course, lamb from the Prats de Mollo on a spit accompanied by baby potatoes was to tease the taste buds.
But it is a surprise of the day, tiramisu with ruskil and Berrwho eventually had to enlist the support of all.
And to continue the good mood, Leslie had to resume his singing tour and rock the company of beautiful melodies that encourage participants to get to know the Catalan country, its culture and all its riches.
The last word is in order; I per lins anys.

To join Domaine Mont Noir:
Port: +33 6 24 01 19 08
Phone: +33 4 68 29 15 34
Email: [email protected]

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